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Upgrades at the Bough Beech WTW
Project Name
Sutton & East Surrey Water
London, UK

UK Water Company Expands Treatment Capacity to Ensure Quality Supply

Sutton & East Surrey Water (S&ESW) serves customers in east Surrey, parts of West Sussex, west Kent and south London. Approximately 650,000 consumers are supplied by the utility. The bulk of S&ESW’s supply – 85 percent – comes from groundwater resources. The remaining 15 percent of the raw water is abstracted from the River Eden and stored at Bough Beech Reservoir. S&ESW invested £17.5 million at its Bough Beech Water Treatment Works (WTW) to increase capacity and ensure long-term security of supply.

Bough Beech’s treatment train is comprised of clarifiers, rapid gravity filters (RGF), granular activated carbon (GAC) adsorption, trihalomethane (THM) stripping, ultraviolet (UV) and chlorination disinfection. Phase 2 of the project raised capacity from 45 Ml/d to 50 Ml/d.

Our Role

Black & Veatch’s role included enabling work such as planning consent, specialist geotechnical and hydrological consultancy. The company also undertook detailed design, construction and commissioning. Design work was multidisciplinary in scope, including process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, controls and automation, and civil design.

Expanding the capacity of an existing works required a combination of creating new assets and upgrading existing facilities. The design split was approximately 70 percent new-build and 30 percent refurbishment work. Where possible, existing structures were re-purposed or reused. Minimising the environmental impact of the project was a priority for the team.

Both the new and extended structures had to be accommodated within the footprint of the existing works. New structures included the RGF building, generator building, sludge thickener tanks and sludge press building.


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