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Aydin Derakhshideh

Aydin Derakhshideh

Aydin Derakhshideh has been in the utility industry for over 15 years.  He started his career as a system engineer involved in project design, engineering, tests, training, commissioning, documentation and delivery of several projects.  Later in his career, he executed work in a technical and project management role. Since 2016 he has worked as a business leader and as a management consultant.

Aydin has extensive experience in the industrial control system and has engaged with several clients in the utility space.  He currently participates in the Black & Veatch Knowledge Network (BVKN) as an independent contractor supporting a SCADA and ADMS project. 

In his current role, Aydin Derakhshideh provides leadership over the development and implementation of the high availability and performance tests of the ADMS system associated with the project workstreams.  Having experience and working with many different customers and utilities in different countries enables Aydin to easily understand customer needs and to take the right actions, validating that project objectives are met and those exceptions are identified punctually. 

Having the ability to tap into subject matter experts such as Aydin Derakhshideh enables Black & Veatch Management Consulting to nimbly augment and meet client needs with resources that would not typically be available as full-time employees.

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