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Combined Water Main Project Overcomes Constraints to Provide Economic Growth, Resilience

Combined Water Main Project Overcomes Constraints to Provide Economic Growth, Resilience

Project Name
Durdham Down Combined Main
North Bristol, UK
Bristol Water

The Durdham Down Combined Main (DDCM) is a 10.2-kilometre (6.3-mile) potable water main running from Harry Stoke in the North of Bristol to Victoria Reservoir, Clifton. This project is part of a £22 million investment by Bristol Water to increase resilience and provide for growth in North Bristol.

Bristol is a city in south-west England and home to more than 400,000 people. The 700mm diameter pipeline is routed into the heart of Bristol, and with this came a number of key constraints. A major constraint and theme running through the project has been stakeholder engagement, recognised as one of the most important features in getting this project completed successfully.

Geographic Information System

The DDCM is a combination of two pipelines, one to provide for growth in North Bristol and the other to provide for resilience in Bristol city centre. In the initial route optimisation stage, the design team realised that by combining the two routes, one pipeline with two purposes could be developed. This decision substantially shortened the length of pipe and reduced the associated costs.

The initial route selection was done using a GIS (geographic information system) mapping tool developed by Black & Veatch called PROM (pipeline route optimisation methodology). PROM generates route alternatives and scores them using predefined weightings. It became clear there were some sections of the pipeline that were going to take longer than others to design as a result of a number of constraints. For this reason, the pipe route was split into 18 sections.

Stakeholder liaison was incredibly important. Initially, more than 35,000 customer letters were sent out. In addition, a large number of community meetings were held, and a website was developed to update stakeholders on progress.

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