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Protecting the Environment

In Campbeltown Loch, Upgrade Solves Sewerage and Flooding Problems

Project Reduces Frequency of Wastewater Discharge, Lowers Flooding Risk

Project Name
Campbeltown Wastewater Treatment Works
Campbeltown, Scotland, UK
Scottish Water

Campbeltown is a port on Scotland's Kintyre Peninsula. During periods of heavy rainfall, storm water flows affected the quality of the town’s coastal waters. Previous work at Campbeltown Wastewater Treatment Works (WwTW) has failed to address the area’s long-standing sewerage and flooding issues.

Black & Veatch was awarded Stage 5 of the upgrade that also contributed significantly in turning the project into a success story for Scottish Water.

“Scottish Water’s vision was to remove flooding from the town centre of Campbeltown and to remove the odour of waste spilled into the loch, hence improving Scottish Water’s reputation with the community, our stakeholders and the Scottish government,” said Eddie Burns, Project Manager, Campbeltown WwTW, Scottish Water. “With Black & Veatch’s help, the project was signed off five months ahead of schedule.”

Lower Requirements, Easier Maintenance

Black & Veatch’s approach to the project was characterized by a number of opportunities and innovations from tender through detailed design to construction. Collectively, these improvements achieved capital and operational efficiencies through innovative reuse of existing assets and a reduction in new structures in size and number.

The Campbeltown WwTW capacity needed to be increased. The specified design required upgrading a temporary supplementary treatment stream. But instead, improved treatment was provided by a new, more reliable solution using elements of the existing stream. Instead of the large sand filters in the original design, Black & Veatch chose less visually obtrusive disc filters. This eased planning issues. In addition, the change brought the operational benefits of lower pumping requirements and easier maintenance.

While technical innovation was vital, equally important were the time and energy put into meetings with community councils and Scottish Water customers. The positive contribution to the Campbeltown community resulted in the project being given a prestigious Gold Award within the United Kingdom Considerate Contractors Scheme.

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