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Improving Vital Infrastructure

The Tarakhil Power Plant is Improving the Lives of the Afghan People by Providing Reliable Electricity and Skills Transfer

Project Name
Tarakhil Power Plant
Kabul, Afghanistan
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

The Afghanistan Infrastructure and Rehabilitation Program (AIRP), for which Black & Veatch serves as the Energy Projects Leader in a prime contractor joint venture, is a $1.4 billion effort to improve vital infrastructure in Afghanistan from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Because the Kabul area has a shortage of power to support the region’s needs, USAID tasked Black & Veatch to supplement the power generation capacity by designing and building the 105 megawatt (MW) Tarakhil Power Plant near Kabul. The plant consists of three blocks of diesel generators, each capable of dispatching 35 MW to the grid as directed by the national utility Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS).

Improved Quality of Life

The objective is to bring reliable and sustainable electric power to northern Afghanistan. This enables DABS to meet an additional 24 percent of the demand for electric energy requested during peak periods. From 2006, when Black & Veatch first began supporting USAID projects until the end of 2010, total megawatts of power generation available to Afghanistan have more than doubled. The USAID projects supported by Black & Veatch have contributed to approximately 90 percent of that increase.

“In Afghanistan, transmission security is not good. The Tarakhil Power Plant gave us confidence that even in case something happened to the transmission lines, we can generate power and distribute to the people of Kabul.”

Gulla Jan Hairan, Chief Operating Officer, DABS

The availability of reliable power enables hospitals, schools and businesses to remain open longer, improves the quality of life for the Afghan people, and helps attract investment in new industrial and commercial enterprises. This helps create new job opportunities and economic growth for the war-torn region.

A Black & Veatch contract was executed for final design, procurement and construction of the power facilities, and many innovative solutions were implemented, especially where logistics and security were concerned. More than 2.7 million person-hours were worked in building this facility without a serious safety incident.

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