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2014 Strategic Directions - Utility Automation and Integration Report - Black & Veatch

2014 Strategic Directions - Utility Automation and Integration Report - Black & Veatch

2014 Strategic Directions: Utility Automation and Integration Report

Welcome to the inaugural Black & Veatch Strategic Directions report on Utility Automation and Integration. The purpose of this report is to provide insight on common challenges and opportunities that utilities of all sizes and types face with regard to adding greater levels of intelligence into their network operations.

Electric, water and gas utilities must all manage common challenges associated with the availability of natural resources, costs, regulation and customer requirements. These challenges are driving factors for increasing automation and communications across utility functions and implementing real-time monitoring and diagnostics to enable proactive decision making for enhanced asset management.

Unprecedented access to information continues to break down once-siloed functions, altering traditional utility paradigms and, in some cases, business models. This creates new opportunities for utilities to leverage automation and communications technologies for reliability improvements, operational efficiency and enhanced security.

As utility leaders work to maintain regulatory compliance and manage budgets, it is important to align investments with the organization's long-term strategic vision. Telecommunications, automation and analytics programs offer utilities the ability to accelerate the return on past, present and future capital investments.

On behalf of Black & Veatch, we are grateful to all who participated in this industrywide survey. We also acknowledge the Black & Veatch professionals who provided their time, talent and insight in the creation of this report.

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