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2015 Strategic Directions - Smart Utility Report - Black & Veatch

2015 Strategic Directions - Smart Utility Report - Black & Veatch

2015 Strategic Directions: Smart Utility Report

Welcome to Black & Veatch’s 2015 Strategic Directions: Smart Utility report. This report represents the evolution of Black & Veatch’s inaugural Strategic Directions: Utility Automation & Integration report, with an expanded focus on automation and integration and utilities’ efforts to harness data to make operations and service delivery more efficient. This iteration of the report moves from primer to prescription, providing insights and solutions based on a survey of utility, municipal, commercial and community stakeholders who are planning the next steps in their connected journey.

The Black & Veatch 2015 Strategic Directions: Smart Utility report captures thoughts and planning concepts from utilities that are upgrading legacy infrastructure to help manage traditional operational concerns and respond to new challenges from reshaped markets and rising customer expectations. Topics addressed include devices, telecommunications networks and automation technologies used to meet new service requirements and provide greater integration with smart city programs.

As utilities strive to upgrade their systems, municipalities, in turn, are tasked with ensuring that their business community and citizenry thrive. As this report shows, achieving balance between opportunity and cost will require cooperation and compromise. This report addresses the role utilities and non-utility stakeholders play in the advancement and adoption of the smart/connected city ideal and the challenges and opportunities they will face along the way.

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