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Industry Optimism Reflects Divergent Market Trends

Industry Optimism Reflects Divergent Market Trends

Yet, for the upstream and midstream segments across the globe, the positive outlook flattens and, in some cases, reflects outright pessimism. Thinning revenue streams and diminished appetites for capital investment have left many producers with abundant supplies but increasingly few places to send it profitably. With this backdrop, today's market orthodoxy may be hiding an opportunity. All markets correct themselves, and how stakeholders across the natural gas value chain address the current correction will go far in determining natural gas's full potential as world governments step closer to fulfilling agreements related to climate change.

Industry Optimism Reflects Divergent Market Trends

Factors stoking optimism for segments of the natural gas industry are plentiful. In North America, local distribution companies are awash in low-cost supplies that are helping to expand natural gas's use as a source for power generation. Gas is replacing many legacy coal units while also supporting the future promise of renewable power generation and emerging battery storage technology.


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