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Grid Modernization 2022: Resilience and Reliability

Grid Modernization 2022: Resilience and Reliability download image

The grid is a marvel of ingenuity and a creation worthy of national pride, but the relentless impacts of climate change, aging infrastructure and a rapidly shifting generation profile have exposed its fragility. Today, electric systems are facing changes comparable to how fixed-line telephone systems transitioned to mobile.

Download this guide to understanding what is grid modernization today, its major drivers and key areas electricity providers need to focus on to chart a resilient path forward to effectively and efficiently modernize the grid.

Explore the eBook:

  • What is grid modernization?
  • Why the integration of renewable energy is the biggest challenge facing the electric industry today
  • Nine key areas to effectively modernize the grid
  • Managing cybersecurity threats
  • What is the 3rd grid?

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