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Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technology, and the data it generates, continues to transform and enhance utility operations, asset management and customer service.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

AMI, when combined with data analytics, enables utility leaders to make more informed decisions concerning distribution modernization efforts and capital planning, while lowering their operational costs and enhancing customer service.

Utility leaders choose Black & Veatch to plan, design and implement their AMI programs, whether they are initial deployments or technology renewals, because we understand utility operations, business systems and the technologies that support organizational objectives. 

  • Utility leaders choose Black & Veatch because we provide end-to-end solutions that align technologies to their organizational objectives.

Strategy and Business Case

Every utility has different short-term and long-term needs. We work with utilities to prioritize their implementations to match organizational change initiatives and timelines and justify the business case for AMI technology investments. Our AMI strategy and road mapping sessions are designed to match technology choices to your business objectives.

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System Integration

System integration is linking multiple business or operational systems, such as meter data management and customer information systems, in a manner that enables them to act as a coordinated whole.

Black & Veatch understands utility business requirements and operational needs. We also have hands-on experience with virtually all AMI and related technology vendors and solutions. Our Integrated Business Process Model tailors utility best practices to address client-specific project needs. Our Integrated Delivery Methodology reduces risk and promotes on-time, on-budget program delivery.

Program Management

A typical AMI program must account for a wide array of systems and, potentially, competing stakeholder objectives. Our program management team works collaboratively with our clients and their numerous stakeholders and vendors to address quality, cost and schedule, from project planning through system deployment, integration and optimization.


Maximizing the return on your AMI technology investments is dependent upon operating the new technology in an optimized and continuously improving operations model. Black & Veatch was the first company to successfully deploy Smart Grid Operations capabilities at several large utilities. Benefits achieved by our clients include improved Smart Grid data performance, exception management, resource extension/support, knowledge transfer, utility staff technology training and enhanced outage management, among other areas.


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