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Trusted Data Center Expertise, Made Simple

Accelerate your project and get answers to your data center facility questions, now. Let our data center expert be your personal guide on your path to optimizing operations.

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Introducing Experts on Demand for Data Center Operators

A new way to acquire facility consulting services that puts you in control.


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Solar Experts on Demand Service

What It Is


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Experts on Demand is a consulting engagement made simple. We've removed the lengthy, long-term contract and investment to give you a jump start. You'll have direct access to an industry pro ready to help solve your most immediate issues around facility operations and maintenance.

The service is purpose-built to meet you where you are. Maybe this is extending the life of your data center or simply keeping everything running while you plan your next move. 


Pay by the hour for 1:1 guidance from one of Black & Veatch’s most experienced advisors, Gary Cudmore. Gary isn't just another career consultant. He has a strong reputation, earned by working both in the live environment, assessing and upgrading aging facilities, and building data centers from the ground up. 

Start with a free, 1-hour session.                                                                                                                                                                    

  • Prioritizing corrective actions based on your schedule and budget
  • How to solve gaps in building systems' reliability, redundancy and maintainability
  • Capturing goals and initiatives for your facility
  • Steps to benchmark operational performance
  • Help for balancing space, power and cooling systems
  • Identifying short and long-term risks and deficiencies


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Gary Cudmore is an anomaly in the data center biz.  With nearly 40 years’ experience, he remembers the computer room, and everything that went into making it into what we know as today’s modern data center. This experience is hard to come by, but we’re making it easy for you. Accessible, uncomplicated and just a click-away.


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