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Infrastructure Investment & Financing

Power, water and oil and gas projects are dependent upon infrastructure financing.

Infrastructure Investment & Financing

With Black & Veatch, developers, equity and debt providers gain specialized expertise needed to maintain their edge in this highly competitive investment market. Our technical advisors and senior consultants have the ability to relate the proforma to the asset(s) and evaluate total enterprises, portfolios and/or restructuring efforts.

Due Diligence

Our due diligence services cover new project development, refinancing and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). In the power industry alone, Black & Veatch has evaluated more than 200 gigawatts of electric generating stations. Our M&A experience includes single assets, portfolios, whole operating companies, and transmission and distribution systems across a wide range of technologies.

Black & Veatch clients have the ability to bundle their due diligence needs in a thorough, timely and cost-effective manner. This approach provides clients with consistent project management and service delivery, complemented by administrative efficiency. Bundled services can include:

  • Lender’s technical report.
  • Due diligence report for equity investors and developers.
  • Asset valuation.
  • Technical advisory services.
  • Assessment of EPC, power purchase, and operations and maintenance agreements.
  • Permit compliance reviews.
  • Asset modification design and valuation.
  • Fuel supply transportation and contracting.
  • Transmission analysis.
  • Construction monitoring services.
  • Restructuring advisory services.
  • Market analysis.

We have provided due diligence support and refinancing services for:

  • More than 8,000 megawatts (MW) of new, conventional power generation capacity.
  • Nearly 7,000 MW of solar-powered capacity.
  • The sale or acquisition of more than 112 gigawatts (GW) of power generation capacity.

Independent Assessments

Rapid advancements in technologies in the energy, water and oil and gas sectors have created an environment where financial institutions, investors and developers require an unbiased evaluation of a product or process before it is put into service. Black & Veatch independent assessments help project stakeholders understand their risk exposure before embarking on significant projects and investments.

We evaluate product design, product performance and reliability, manufacturing quality, installation and operations and maintenance requirements, and we assess the manufacturer company. Our independent assessments also offer the product manufacturers recommendations on how to improve their offerings and strengthen their position in the marketplace. 


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