New Energy Economy

New Energy Economy

The New Energy Economy provides benefits and opportunities for utilities around the world. Through a customer-centric view, Black & Veatch partners with clients to operationalize programs and services that support renewable energy projects, technology integration and changing consumer needs.

Through a comprehensive maturity assessment, we can help clients determine how to play, how to build and how to operate within the New Energy Economy for long-term success. This three-step strategy ensures that New Energy programs and services achieve the established goals for optimizing utility operations and performance.

How to Play, Build and Operate in the New Energy Economy

1. Play to Win 

How do you “play” in the New Energy Economy game? We help clients understand risks and opportunities to identify and prioritize concepts and strategies for New Energy solutions. In this building stage, we partner with clients to explore programs and services that can be developed into viable solutions that drive increased value and customer satisfaction.

2. Building a Business Case and Taking it to Market

You know what solution you want to pursue, but maybe not how to take the next steps. We can help clients translate strategy and final concepts into viable solutions/products. We can hone in on program requirements, RFP development/facilitation, vendor selection, finalizing business case(s), filings, and operational planning.

3. Solution Launch

You’re ready to launch your New Energy program – and we’re here to support. We can prepare your organization by developing operational processes, implementing internal change management activities, and deploying employee training and internal communication plans. Our professionals can also help assist with external communications/marketing planning and prospect identification (if applicable).



New Energy Economy Trends and Opportunities

The disruption that the New Energy Economy brings to the utility industry is forcing an evolution away from the traditional business models. Customers are more aware of their energy consumption and manufacturers across a broad spectrum of products are focused on energy efficiency and home energy management. With personalized energy management moving into the mainstream behavior for consumers, utilities must balance the responsibility to encourage sustainability efforts while maintaining sufficient revenue generation and planning for future growth.

Black & Veatch can help utilities embrace the impact of the New Energy Economy. Our professionals can help you realize new revenue opportunities that align with current and future customer interests and needs, and can support demand and load management initiatives.

What's on your New Energy roadmap?

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Featured Projects

Experience matters. We are actively consulting with utility clients around the world on New Energy Economy initiatives. From building and justifying business cases for each solution to implementing new technologies to support existing infrastructure, we lead the market in expertise.

Re-imagining Large Account Management

Black & Veatch is helping a U.S. utility redefine their customer experience and explore New Energy Economy opportunities for better management of its large accounts. Through an ongoing engagement, we are helping them redefine internal roles and provide training for utility employees. To improve critical account relationships, Black & Veatch helped them develop a proactive customer engagement model. In addition, we are helping them identify, design and promote service solutions to meet the changing needs of their large account customers.

Product Portfolio Innovation & Launch

A large U.S. utility is working with Black & Veatch to develop and launch a complete portfolio for residential and commercial customers. Our professionals are helping the utility manage the development of more than a dozen products, many of which must also support the nuances of multijurisdictional regulation and management. Some examples of these project services include energy efficiency consulting, demand response management, distributed energy, rate management and non-regulated services.

Smart Cities

On the global scale, Black & Veatch professionals have partnered with a large utility in Asia to explore a suite of smart energy products and service options for its customers. As part of this project, we have completed comprehensive evaluation services including vendor selection advising for the development of a Smart City solution pilot. The portfolio includes a mix of renewable energy, automation and electric vehicle solutions.


We are actively working on a variety of microgrid projects both in the United States and abroad. Our innovative revenue models and offerings provide utilities with unique microgrid solutions that meet the expectations in the New Energy Economy. The strategies that our professionals engineer with our clients help them stave off competition encroachment and provide for effective organization development globally.


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