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Performance Management

Plan, measure, simplify and sustain better outcomes.

Performance Management Services

The best plans are those that are measured. From financiers seeking due diligence on the future investment returns of an asset transaction through to a plant or facility operator maximizing efficiencies and minimizing environmental impacts, performance management systems are essential to the bottom line. And they are essential to the growth of a utility or enterprise.

Capabilities and the industry are moving fast, however, "Repair and replace” is quickly losing its luster as asset management practices move toward whole-systems perspectives. Infrastructure owners and operators are focused on the life-cycle performance of assets across their portfolios, zeroing in on potential minor problems before they become major breakdowns.

Talk to us so we can help you plan, measure and simplify your journey.

You need predictive data analytics to optimize the life of distributed infrastructure assets. The most effective way to manage whole-system performance is with cloud-based analytics platform ASSET360®. It combines human knowledge and experience with computer modeling and analytics to manage and visualize complex data.

You and your customers can’t afford losses in productivity, downtime or crisis-mode diagnostics and repair. After all, infrastructure enables humanity. It provides people with the critical resources they need to advance their lives and make meaningful differences around the world, and we want nothing to slow that momentum.

Performance management with ASSET360® streamlines your operations, protects your investments and maximizes profitability. It’s time to employ proven monitoring and diagnostics that pinpoint anomalies before they become emergencies.

Atonix Digital


Atonix Digital helps companies simplify asset performance management by putting data to work – to detect emerging risks, enhance efficiency, improve accuracy of planning, and provide an easily justifiable return on investment.

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We'll Meet You Where You Are

Integrated Solutions for Full Infrastructure Lifecycle

We make success easier. Solving today’s sustainable infrastructure challenges demands a broader approach – beyond the “project” – for optimization across the entire lifecycle. From planning and design to construction, operations to betterment and rehabilitation, where today’s project ends, tomorrow’s project begins.


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