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Utility Sustainability

The ever-increasing demand for sustainable practices presents new challenges for utilities. Projects can range from renewable energy to water reuse to integrated infrastructure for the grid. Each sustainable project for utilities has a unique set of factors to consider.

Utility Sustainability

Black & Veatch helps utilities navigate these challenges by developing dependable, resilient and integrated solutions. We actively research trends in renewable power generation, alternative water supplies, water treatment and energy storage to ensure our clients have the best information to make critical business decisions.

We excel at the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of renewable and water resource projects.

Our expertise includes:

  • Renewable energy for power generation (wind, energy storage, biomass, solar photovoltaic and hydropower).
  • Water supply and treatment.
  • Urban drainage.
  • Energy cost optimization and portfolio planning.
  • Resource recovery, including nutrient and energy recovery and water reuse.
  • Footprinting (energy, water, materials, carbon, greenhouse gas, other emissions) and lifecycle analysis.
  • Rate modeling, funding and economic analyses.
  • Habitat health and diversity.
  • LEED incentives.

Our full service approach brings engineers, consultants, policy experts, construction managers and execution resources together to create a tailor-made solution. From independent engineering through owner’s engineer and into full EPC, Black & Veatch is a turnkey sustainability partner.

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Taking the “waste” out of wastewater

Black & Veatch integrated a complex new asset into an existing major wastewater treatment plant at Davyhulme to maximize the use of biosolids for agricultural purposes and produce renewable energy.