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Health Solutions

Rapid Modular Health Systems

Mobile medical structures and vehicles for secure site-based testing, vaccinations, and more. 

Rapid Modular Health Systems

Black & Veatch’s Rapid Modular Health System (RaMHS)™ is a mobile and modular medical solution that provides infrastructure for a variety of health services and needs. Our solutions allow clients to overcome space constraints at their facilities and to deliver their services directly to their patients.

RaMHS units come in many different forms, including modular and mobile options. The modular option can be utilized for long term solutions in which the unit will remain in the same place. The mobile RaMHS option is perfect for clients who need to take their services to multiple locations. There are a few different layouts for the mobile unit, including an office set up, a clinic or exam room layout, and a full laboratory option.

Available as both modular structures and vehicles, RaMHS contain the supporting equipment to store and maintain testing samples, medical supplies, and vaccines. All RaMHS units are 4G wireless enabled, secure, temperature-controlled, and customizable for staff comfort and organizational branding. They also come with a built-in pure sine wave gasoline generator and air purification system. Depending on the need, they can be outfitted with a variety of testing equipment and diagnostic devices.

The RaMHS units can be leveraged in a variety of ways including:

  • Medical exams and services
  • Imaging and screening
  • Education and outreach
  • Immunization clinics
  • Laboratory testing

RaMHS Mobile Clinic

Rapid response
Secure & temp controlled
Refrigerated storage
4G wireless connectivity
Fully outfitted work area
Built-in pure sine wave gasoline generator
Air purification system

RaMHS Modular Clinic

Rapidly deployable
Vaccine capable
4G wireless connectivity
In-unit refrigerators
Temperature controlled

RaMHS Mobile Lab

Can include any equipment needed to enable the quick and effective testing of samples and the delivery of results from site to site

2021 Edison Award

An Award-Winning Solution

The RaMHS solution was awarded the top prize for pandemic-related solutions at the 2021 Edison Awards in the “COVID-19 Innovations: Mobilizing for Emergency Response” category. RaMHS has also been nominated for a 2022 Edison Award.

Among the highest accolades a product can receive in the name of innovation, the Edison Awards recognize and honor some of the world’s most cutting-edge products and services as well as business leaders driving creativity and ingenuity. The annual honors personify the awards’ namesake, prolific innovator Thomas Edison. Finalists for the honors are deemed “best of the best” by the world’s top senior business leaders, academics and innovators.

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