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Rapid Modular Solutions

Rapid Modular Solutions

Black & Veatch’s Rapid Modular Solutions (RaMS) are mobile and modular solutions that provide infrastructure for a variety different use cases and community needs.

BV Rapid Modular Solutions Van

Black & Veatch designs, builds, and manages innovative solutions to support multiple industries including commercial, government, healthcare, education, workforce development, and crisis response. Our mobile and modular RaMS units are fully customizable to meet your specific needs:

  • Mobile units are perfect for clients looking to bring their services to multiple locations. They allow you to meet your clients where they are, test out new markets, and serve multiple locations at once.

  • Modular units can be utilized for longer-term operations while still providing some mobile functionality. These units provide a semi-fixed physical presence without the high price of permanent infrastructure. This solution is great for exploring market viability in new locations, temporarily replacing your infrastructure for a building remodel, and supporting operations away from your business headquarters.

All Black & Veatch’s RaMS units are 4G wireless enabled, secure, temperature-controlled, and customizable for optimal staff efficiency and organizational branding. Each unit also comes with a built-in pure sine wave gasoline generator and air purification system. Our mobile and modular units can be leveraged in a variety of ways including (but not limited to)

Data Management Monitor Maintenance Control


Career Benefits Continuing Education


Health Checkup

Medical and dental care clinics


Testing or research laboratories

Services Consulting

Executive briefing centers

Mobile Solution

Mobile command/operations centers

Drive Thru

Drive-through facilities

Many of our solutions are used to reach underserved communities. Whether we’re delivering internet connectivity and computer literacy courses with a mobile classroom or providing healthcare services to rural locations in a modular health clinic, our turnkey RaMS units increase equitable access to critical services.

Our team is also in the process of developing innovative digital solutions, modular electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and electric fleet management systems. Contact us to learn more about the exciting solutions we have in the works and how your business could benefit.

2021 Edison Award

An Award-Winning Solution

Black & Veatch’s RaMS were awarded the top prize for pandemic-related solutions at the 2021 Edison Awards in the “COVID-19 Innovations: Mobilizing for Emergency Response” category. Our RaMS have also been nominated for a 2022 Edison Award. Among the highest accolades a product can receive in the name of innovation, the Edison Awards recognize and honor some of the world’s most cutting-edge products and services as well as business leaders driving creativity and ingenuity. The annual honors personify the awards’ namesake, prolific innovator Thomas Edison. Finalists for the honors are deemed “best of the best” by the world’s top senior business leaders, academics and innovators.

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