Identifying, creating and delivering innovation to help preserve our planet.


Our sustainable projects meld economic, community and environmental needs and span many sectors. We also respect water as an essential resource, protecting it through our Water Infrastructure work and our involvement with Ocean Conservancy.

Our track record of diverse and detailed work throughout the world means we play an important role in the creation of sustainable infrastructure, helping others think ahead and preserve our planet through commercially effective solutions. We aggregate and share this knowledge through identifying and creating new and sustainable business lines as well as delivering solutions directly for our clients.


Sustainable Projects

Whether at conception, financing, design, delivery or measurement, we are influencing and helping our clients think ahead. Our work ranges from delivering affordable and reliable energy solutions to shaping and proving new sustainable alternatives.

Urban Electric Vehicle Charging Networks

Partnering with Tesla to meet the demand for rapid expansion.


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Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center

Saving water supplies in Silicon Valley.


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Chula Vista Smart City Development

Planning more responsive, resilient systems.


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Gila Blend Smart Power Plant

Creating a sustainable solar energy future to benefit Arizona.


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500 MW San Vicente Energy Storage Facility

Developing innovative hydropower energy storage.


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Integrated Waste Management Facility

Enabling Singapore to reap the benefits of energy and resource recovery maximization.


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Lopburi 55 MW Solar Photovoltaic

Over a half million solar photovoltaic panels will supply clean energy to 300,000 people.


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Protecting Water

We work with water utilities and other commercial organizations to develop the best and most advanced ways to clean, move, control and conserve water.

The Stickney Water Reclamation Plan

Providing an environmentally progressive solution to support the larger goal of reducing Gulf hypoxia.


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Echo Park Lake Rehabilitation

Restoring the sparkle to a Los Angeles jewel and enhancing water conservation.


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Mogden Sewage Treatment Works Upgrade

Part of Thames Water’s London Tideway Improvements Programme.


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Greater Mumbai’s Wastewater Treatment Facility

Addressing coastal pollution and protect water resources.


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The Lower Seletar Waterworks

Innovative water reclamation in Singapore.


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International Coastal Cleanup (ICC)

Since 2008, an average of close to 1,000 Black & Veatch professionals and family members every year across the world volunteer with the Ocean Conservancy to remove thousands of pounds of trash from the world’s waterways.

Black & Veatch’s commitment to sustainability has an immediate, positive effect on the environment. In 2018, by the numbers:

      • 216 bags totaling 2,282 pounds of trash were collected
      • Participants were from eight countries and 25 offices in the US, Asia and Europe
      • Volunteers for a total of 25 cleanup sites
      • More than 700 volunteers represented Black & Veatch at clean up sites
      • *A number of our planned sites were affecting by adverse weather conditions in 2018, lowering our impact compared to previous years 
      • *In addition a number of offices coordinated with local municipalities and these efforts are not included in the above trash collection tallies