Enriching communities to improve STEM skills, create jobs and grow economies.


Through STEM education and through our project work and professionals volunteering, Black & Veatch seeks to improve the skills of individuals, create jobs and grow the economies of the communities we work in across the world. 

Growing Skills


We strive to equip young people with the critical reasoning skills necessary to solve the energy, water and communications problems of the future. Through the Black & Veatch Foundation we improve access to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education, to equip young people with the critical reasoning skills necessary to solve the energy, water and communications problems of the future.

Skills and Knowledge Transfer

Many of our projects across the globe have a built-in ‘skills and knowledge transfer’ component so that engineers in developing countries can operate and improve their facilities.  Examples of this include the theoretical and practical training provided for Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) engineers at the Qassim Power Plant and delivering the USAID Infrastructure Needs Program II to support the Palestinian National Authority in its efforts to promote economic growth and create jobs.

Highlighting our People's Efforts

As part our humanitarian efforts in the Foundation, we also identify opportunities where we maximize our impact to create a sustainable impact to communities in need. In 2018, we led a coalition to donate tens of thousands of dollars in technology along with the manpower that installed a SunCrate at a school in Puerto Rico. Long term the effort will help reduce electricity costs while strengthening the site’s function as a designated community emergency response center and serving as a real-life science lab to inspire the students.

Growing Economies

How we work and share knowledge has a lasting impact on the sustainable development of communities throughout the world.

Our journey to promote inclusive societies includes our commitments to supplier diversity and our pursuit of an industry-leading ethics and compliance program, where we continue to report more than 99% completion of our compliance training programs. We remain committed to reduce corruption and bribery in all its forms.

Projects that grow economies

Many of our projects help to foster economic growth directly and through the projects’ supply chains.

Examples include:

IOCL’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal at Ennore

Expected to aid further industrial growth in Tamil Nadu.


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Durdham Down Combined Main

Overcoming constraints to provide economic growth and resilience in Bristol.


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Mangla Dam Joint Venture

Contributing significantly to agriculture growth, job opportunities and improved standards of living in Mirpur.


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Deep Tunnel Sewerage System

A cost-effective and sustainable solution to support Singapore’s continued growth.


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