Gulf Cooperation Council

Meeting demand, promoting alternatives to sustain growth

Black & Veatch has been building infrastructure in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) for more than 50 years. Our work centres on reliable energy supplies and gas processing to facilitate economic growth and meet domestic needs.

What We Address

  • Efficient energy generation to boost income and sustainability
    Many MENA countries — especially the Gulf states — rely on oil revenues, while also using oil reserves to meet domestic energy demands. This means a major challenge is meeting the need for power in a manner that does not impede oil export revenues. Our expertise in efficient power generation and renewable energy can help achieve this.

  • Developing gas resources
    Developing gas resources to meet domestic energy requirements will allow many MENA states to divert more gas for profitable export. By enhancing gas processing infrastructure, we can help boost gas for export and domestic use, as well as revenues earned from the by-products of gas processing.

  • Developing alternative energy and water resources
    Economic growth, urbanisation and population growth are driving major increases in many MENA states' needs for power and water.  Gulf states have some of world's highest per capita demands for these vital resources, and we’re helping meet requirements by developing alternative energy and water sources.

  • Knowledge transfer is a two-way street
    Transforming investments into infrastructure requires engineers. MENA states rely upon expat engineers because demand for local engineering talent exceeds supply. We believe knowledge transfer is a two-way street. We help develop domestic engineering expertise but also rely on local talent to ensure solutions are tailored to regional needs.


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