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Improve Data Management to Optimize Life Cycle of Assets

Improve Data Management to Optimize Life Cycle of Assets

The Internet of Things frees up your time and saves money by enabling unprecedented amounts of data on your critical energy, water, transportation, communication and security systems.

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How NextGen Agriculture Can Feed a Growing World

How NextGen Agriculture Can Feed a Growing World

The future is now for innovative agriculture, producing more to feed a hungry world. How can power, water and data drive a new global food supply?

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12 Ways the Public Benefits in a Public-Private Partnership

12 Ways the Public Benefits in a Public-Private Partnership

Private investment meets public need. It’s time to consider new funding strategies to get your systems more safe, resilient and efficient.

Put PPPs to work for all stakeholders

Your complex challenges. Solved.

  • Delivering fresh water to the driest place on Earth

    Escondida Water Supply Project

    Escondida, the world’s largest copper mine, is situated in Chile’s remote Atacama desert. For operator BHP Billiton, the need for an alternative, sustainable source of fresh water was critical to delivering on their expansion strategy for Escondida. Helping enable that strategy, Black & Veatch engineered, built and commissioned a large-scale, modular, marine desalination plant that ensured minimal ecological disruption.

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  • Keeping Happy Valley, Hong Kong, Happy, and Dry

    Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme

    Happy Valley, the cultural, economic and entertainment centre of Hong Kong, has long been prone to flooding. In one of the world’s most densely populated cities, traditional methods of “throwing more drains at the problem” would have resulted in major social and economic disruption. Instead, Black & Veatch’s flood-relief solution deployed SCADA data-monitoring technology to manage new adjustable weirs and storage tanks.

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  • Enabling Industrial Expansion in Thailand

    Chachoengsao 2 Substation

    With industry consuming almost 50 percent of Thailand’s power generation, improving reliability of supply is critical to boosting competitiveness and positioning Thailand as an attractive investment destination for global industry. With 50 years of experience in Thailand, Black & Veatch’s local team was a natural partner for the Electricity Generation Authority of Thailand (EGAT) for a power project of strategic importance.

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  • Earning High Marks Among Smart Communities

    Sacramento, California, Public-Private Partnership

    The City of Sacramento entered into a public-private partnership (P3) with Verizon Wireless. Verizon designated Black & Veatch as its preferred smart cities deployment partner, a $100 million initiative. For Sacramento’s citizens, the project means reduced auto accident deaths through traffic flow optimization. It also includes deploying community Wi-Fi and 5G connectivity.

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  • Moving at the Speed of Startup

    Urban Electric Vehicle Charging Networks

    Black & Veatch brought the engineering and permitting expertise Volta Charging needed to rapidly bring many of its charging stations to life. In some cases, Black & Veatch obtained permits and brought units online in about a month. Volta’s innovative infrastructure is leading the way for the future needs of mobility. Volta partners with brands to sponsor free charging for all EV drivers.

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