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National Research Effort Delivers Systematic Approach to Stabilizing the Performance of Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal
Black & Veatch led an investigation by The Water Research Foundation (WRF) into a wastewater treatment configuration shown to improve the performance of enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR). Building on knowledge from prior research and existing projects, the investigation established a standard approach to encouraging biomass fermentation in sidestream EBPR, or S2EPBR, systems. From a process engineering perspective encompassing design, operations, and modeling considerations, the research focused on optimizing process stability while minimizing energy costs and enabling decarbonization of the biological nutrient removal process.
Humber Treatment Plant - South Plant Upgrades Project Story Teaser Image
Upgrades to Wastewater Treatment Plant Support Millions of Residents in Canada’s Largest City
Toronto Water’s Humber Treatment Plant is Toronto’s second largest wastewater treatment facility, serving a population of approximately 662,000. As part of Toronto’s large-scale Capital Improvements Program, the Humber Treatment Plant - South Plant required upgrades to address aging infrastructure and buildings, optimize operational performance, and address community concerns.
Black & Veatch develops COVID-19 testing
Black & Veatch Develops COVID-19 Testing Infrastructure for Confidential Cruise Line Client
After more than a year of halted operations in the wake of COVID-19, the seas were finally open again for business. Before they could restore their cruise line operations, our confidential client—an international mass media, entertainment, and hospitality conglomerate—had to comply with a rigorous CDC (Centers for Disease Control) vetting process.
Waukesha Water Supply Project Pipeline Install Aerial View
Black & Veatch Helps City Achieve Supply Resilience by Using Water from Lake Michigan Sustainably
Black & Veatch served as the Construction Manager for the Great Lakes Water Supply Project. The project’s 36-mile-long pipeline system diverts Lake Michigan water to Waukesha Water Utility through the City of Milwaukee’s supply system and returns 100% of the water used by the utility to the lake, providing long-term water supply safety, resilience, and sustainability for the community of Waukesha.
Louisville MSD Waterway Protection Tunnel
Deep Tunnel Protects Louisville’s Water Quality
Massive underground tunnel proved the best value to control the city’s combined sewer overflows.
Large field of solar panels
2,000-Acre Solar Field Constructed to Generate Clean Energy for the Next 40 Years
Nashville-based Silicon Ranch is one of the country’s largest independent power producers, with a portfolio that includes more than five gigawatts of solar and battery storage systems that are contracted, under construction, or operating across the U.S. and Canada. Black & Veatch provided site analysis and permitting, procurement and construction services, and full integration with existing power transmission networks.

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