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Offshore Wind Teaser
America’s first commercial-scale offshore wind project
Black & Veatch was contracted by General Electric (GE) to perform the port marshalling mechanical and electrical construction for Vineyard Wind, the nation’s first utility-scale offshore wind energy project. Located 15 miles off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, Vineyard Wind will consist of 62 wind turbines that will generate renewable energy for over 400,000 homes and businesses in the area, while significantly reducing carbon emissions.
Morro Teaser
Coastal California City Proactively Addresses Aging Infrastructure with Advanced Water Reclamation Facility
The City of Morro Bay is a vibrant seaside community on the coast of California known for its scenic beaches and Morro Rock, a 576-foot-tall volcanic remnant on the north side of the harbor. This distinctive landmark overlooks Morro Bay, where Los Osos and Chorro Creeks mix with the saltwater of the Pacific Ocean to create a diverse ecosystem that supports many sensitive species and attracts a flourishing tourism industry.
Reservoir Teaser
Reservoir promotes water resource reliability and quality for 8 utilities in southeast Florida
The C-51 Phase I Reservoir is a One Water project providing an alternative supply for southeast Florida. Connected to a drainage network originally built in the early 1900s, the reservoir collects stormwater runoff in below-grade cells constructed in an operating mine. It stores up to 14,000 acre-feet of runoff, providing flood control, protecting water quality in sensitive ecosystems, and preserving limited freshwater resources across a three-county region on Florida’s Atlantic coast.
National Research Effort Delivers Systematic Approach to Stabilizing the Performance of Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal
Black & Veatch led an investigation by The Water Research Foundation (WRF) into a wastewater treatment configuration shown to improve the performance of enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR). Building on knowledge from prior research and existing projects, the investigation established a standard approach to encouraging biomass fermentation in sidestream EBPR, or S2EPBR, systems.
Jayhawk Welcome Center Microgrid Project Story Teaser Image
New University of Kansas Welcome Center’s Microgrid Engenders Enthusiasm
A building that generates its own power embodies innovation and technology, producing its own electricity while spawning enthusiasm for its daily users. Couple that with the purpose of the building – the recruitment of new university students – and you have a formula for a unique facility that’s a testament to sustainability and the future of energy.
Batangas Teaser
Delivering the Philippines’ First LNG-to-Power Project
Black & Veatch is the topline Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor for a major Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) project in the Philippines. The facility will provide clean, reliable, and affordable baseload electricity, complementing the nation’s increasing deployment of renewable energy and serving as an important cornerstone to enable the country’s energy transition.

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