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Black & Veatch Foundation

People, Planet & Prosperity: a common purpose to our professionals’ charitable involvement in, and donations to, organizations and programs worldwide.

Black & Veatch Foundation

Our sense of Sustainability and Citizenship sees us helping to enrich the communities in which we work and live, by meeting the needs of the present generation while improving the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 

We strive to do this in three areas: People, Planet and Prosperity.

These three areas are underpinned by our long standing Black & Veatch Foundation, which coordinates donations to organizations and programs worldwide, encouraging our professionals' further charitable participation. 

Grant Program

Support from the Black & Veatch Foundation is centered on our Sustainability and Citizenship strategy of People, Planet and Prosperity and our existing commitments in these areas including growSTEM, Humanitarian Aid and other Signature Programs.

We commend individuals and organizations around the globe for their charitable efforts, and our grant program is focused on our existing strategy and commitments.

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