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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Seeing Equals

We believe creating and sustaining a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable work environment begins with a pledge to view and treat each other as equal. Equal in our responsibility to uphold our core values. Equal in our dedication to the industries and communities in which we operate. Equal in our determination to make a difference.


At Black & Veatch, we know that a welcoming, inclusive, and diverse workplace is an incubator for innovative thinking. And we recognize that each of our employee-owners has something to teach, something to learn… something to contribute, both to our clients and to the future we want to create. 

Seeing Equals Listening

To see racial and ethnic diversity is to understand that each of us have a story to tell. A story of pride in the challenges you’ve met, and of a determination to be defined by who you are, not what you’ve overcome. To experience other cultures and learn your histories is to recognize our obligation to the people who sacrificed to make your way easier, and to understand why we celebrate that sacrifice.

Seeing Equals Respect

To see a woman is to respect her strength, and the strength of her commitments… to her family, her community, and her career. To see her is to respect her capacity for responsibility, and to acknowledge that her ambition is founded on a desire to create change. Seeing her means understanding that she doesn’t want to be indulged or feared… only treated as an equal in every meaningful way.

Seeing Equals Acknowledging

To see our LGBTQ community is to acknowledge their authentic selves. That just like some of us are taller and some are shorter, your identity is not a choice. We understand that just by seeing you, we’ve made a contribution to your optimism. Because to see you is to acknowledge your right to live in peace, to love freely, and to be proud.

Seeing Equals Understanding

To see our disabled professionals is to re-think our own assumptions of what can and can’t be done. To understand, accept, and normalize our differences, and to overcome our own fears of asking questions, or even starting a conversation. To see you is to acknowledge your determination to make an impact, and to understand that while you may achieve differently, you refuse to put limits on your potential. 

Employee Resource Groups

It can be hard to jump into a large company full of so many different people. To help ease the transition and provide a positive work environment during your tenure, Black & Veatch offers several Employee Resource Groups. ERGs assemble people with similar backgrounds and stories to promote cultural awareness and engagement, provide mentoring and social opportunities, and help you find the best way you can contribute to our strategy and mission. And they have a lot of fun!

Employee Resource Groups List
Tiffany Coleman Photo
Active Military & Veterans

Seeing Equals Recognizing

Designing, building and maintaining the critical infrastructure that powers our communities requires both innovation and determination. With acumen in strategic thinking as well as tactical know-how, compassion, and leadership, our brave men and women of the military are naturally equipped to excel in this work.


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July 2021 

Seeing Equals Enabling


"Disabilities come in many forms, and while visible ones might be easier to detect, many people are living productive lives despite their less obvious limitations. My life changed significantly when I was diagnosed with Syringomyelia, and you might not notice by looking at me that chronic pain and a lack of control of my hands is now a significant part of my everyday life. Having to rely on the support others, including my Black & Veatch family, is a new experience and critical to get through my day. Technology like eye-tracking and dictation software, however, has given me the tools I need to continue the important work I do here. My hope is for a wider recognition that people with disabilities might need your support, but that doesn't make them a burden." Watch Ricky's story here

Ricky Engel

Civil Engineer

Diversity Equity and Inclusion
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