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Ready to build something great? We navigate an increasingly complex world with ease through a full spectrum of construction solutions that focus on your needs today and tomorrow. 


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We know construction

Black & Veatch knows construction and has been innovating literally since our earliest days building America’s heartlands and infrastructure throughout the world.  Every project we undertake harnesses the latest advances in materials, project management and sustainability to bring our clients the best quality, efficiency and safety -- the things that matter most when it counts, where it counts.

We deliver this through a full spectrum of contracting and services-based solutions that suit your risk profile and capital budget. With Black & Veatch at the heart of your construction project, you get straight forward advice, lean and productive outcomes, and assets that deliver the most value over their lifecycle.


Our expansive view of safety and prevention together with detailed and efficient planning are at the heart of successful projects. 


Contracting flexibility matches your risk appetite and enables tailored delivery solutions that overcome challenging geographical, environmental or technical requirements. 


Single-source in-house construction results in greater schedule control and resource allocation throughout the project lifecycle, raising quality and lowering costs. 

Why is the Black & Veatch construction experience different?

As collaborative employee-owners we are all-in on your success. We adapt to your needs through an agile approach that scales and localizes across geographies. At the same time, when we combine our rich history in engineering with our construction expertise, we are able to ensure constructability in an efficient and effective manner. With this we bring an integrated and technical expertise with experience across OEM providers that ensure the solution developed is the solution you need. 


We meet you where you are with what you need

Our approach equips your business with everything you need to succeed, supporting good decision making and better outcomes. The entire construction project or program is led by a single point of contact, with an integrated team. By focusing on you and connecting our business, technical, construction and data-driven capabilities, we help you achieve faster, more profitable, reliable and sustainable results. Our infrastructure lifecycle model with our in-house construction capabilities gives you greater delivery flexibility and risk options as well as increased cost and schedule certainty. 

Our construction experience extends across all industries  we serve, benefiting from our full view of the infrastructure lifecycle. We have experience with multiple contracting approaches including prime contractor, joint ventures, consortia, or as a major subcontractor. We also self-perform our projects in a variety of methods from direct hire, managing multiple subcontractors, or a combination of both.

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Culture of Safety

Safety is the focus of everything we do. Each of our professionals take an expansive view of safety, embracing it through all aspects of their work and as a way of living. Our commitment to safety is governed through our Think, Plan, Act initiative to achieve Zero Injuries Today™.

Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is consistently below industry average. We are proud recipients of the Liberty Mutual Gold Award for Safety and the National Safety Council Excellence Achievement Award. 


We are committed to meeting each project's specific requirements to ensure our clients a competitive price, schedule certainty, long-term value and environmental sustainability.


We go both deep and wide, matching narrow vertical specifics with a view of the whole lifecycle to deliver tailored solutions across the entire project scope.

Construction Management

Our proactive approach and experience as an engineer-contractor makes us uniquely qualified to manage your most complex projects. 

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We'll Meet You Where You Are


We'll Meet You Where You Are

Integrated Solutions for Full Infrastructure Lifecycle

We make success easier. Solving today’s sustainable infrastructure challenges demands a broader approach – beyond the “project” – for optimization across the entire lifecycle. From planning and design to construction, operations to betterment and rehabilitation, where today’s project ends, tomorrow’s project begins.


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