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Resources to Navigate Our Evolving World

Our digital world is taking shape and continually advancing. Communications, technology, and vast connectivity is propelling digitization across industries, enabling breakthrough services and unlocking big economic scenarios. To capture maximum value, leaders must advance their digital infrastructure. Our eBook series helps mobility managers, cities, electric utilities, community leaders, and world-class telecommunication companies make connections, advance their systems, and accelerate their future. 

fiber ebook

Rural Broadband

8 Actions to Ensure Fiber Deployment Success

About 22.3% of rural Americans do not have access to fixed high-speed broadband and are marooned by the digital divide. To help close this gap, the U.S. is prioritizing rural broadband, enabled by fiber, to connect rural citizens and foster much-needed innovation across rural services, businesses, and industries such as healthcare, education, and agriculture. Rural electric cooperatives (co-ops) may be the linchpin of closing the digital divide because they can deploy fiber successfully despite a very challenging business model.  

This eBook discusses the rural digital divide, how broadband transforms rural communities, and why co-ops are ideal leaders of fiber deployment. Finally, as experts in advanced communications infrastructure, Black & Veatch outlines eight actions that co-ops can take to remove hurdles, accelerate schedules, garner public interest and acceptance, and minimize costs of fiber deployment


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eBooks on Demand

One Digital World eBook

It won’t be long before success is measured by how well an industry or community system applies digital innovation. This eBook delivers expert perspectives on how leaders are using advanced communications to fast-track their connected future and capture the value of 5G & IoT innovation in our communities, across highways and mobility systems, in our workforces, and on our electric grid.     Get the eBook

Clean Transportation & The Utility Role

Electric utilities are in the spotlight as transportation electrification grows. The U.S. needs 9.6 million charge ports by 2030 to support EV market growth, which drives up the demand for power and utility infrastructure, which can take 24 months or more to construct.     Get the eBook

eg ebook
5G A New Digital Dawn eBook

This eBook explores the transformative power of 5G technologies and builds a framework of actions that carriers, utilities, government, cities, states, and fleet managers can take to strategically kickstart 5G.     Get the eBook

distribute energy ebook
Digital Electricity eBook

This eBook helps utility leaders understand the market pressures driving them to “go digital,” the operational value of digital technologies, and the six essential elements of digital distribution system planning.     Get the eBook

connected communities ebook
Digitally Connected Communities eBook

This eBook shows leaders how to jump-start digitization to create an agile governance that can flex to respond to changing conditions and the needs of citizens and customers.     Get the eBook

electric charging ebook
Electric Fleets eBook

Lower operating costs, compliance with stringent emissions regulations, and improved driver safety are a few reasons for electrifying buses, delivery vans, and trucks. The time is right. The economic benefits are ready to realize.     Get the eBook

av ebook
Autonomous Vehicles and Our New Mobility eBook

Autonomous vehicles are moving from test tracks to public roads. As self-drive tech companies log millions of driverless miles each year and as driverless fleets commercialize, the U.S. is at the tipping point of our New Mobility—one that trades vehicle ownership for shared ridership.     Get the eBook

electric aviation ebook
NIA-NASA Urban Air Mobility Electric Infrastructure Study

With the increase in population in metropolitan areas, alternative modes of transportation are becoming more attractive to save the user time and reduce congestion on the roadways.     Get the eBook


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