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largest 100% employee-owned
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Success: Best When Shared

As the 8th largest 100% employee-owned company in the U.S., [SEA1] Black & Veatch believes that success doesn’t count for much unless it’s shared…that when the company does well, our professionals should do well, too. Employee-ownership at Black & Veatch typically starts in a professional's first year with the company. Ownership accounts can grow every year depending on financial results, potentially providing a significant source of long-term wealth; plans are provided at no cost to employee-owners around the globe.

Ask any of our professionals what they love about being an employee-owner, and you’ll hear some powerful language. They’ll use words like Accountability. Stewardship. Purpose, and Pride.

And that’s exactly what we want…employee-owners who are happy, healthy, engaged with the work they do, and committed to the mission upon which the company was founded: building a world of difference.

Owning Our Shared Values

We believe employee ownership helps align our professionals’ personal financial interests with those of the company. But we also believe there’s something more…a benefit beyond just the financial.

As employee-owners, we embrace the totality of ownership through our stance on issues as diverse as worksite safety, inclusion, and respect for the value of every professional’s contribution. We believe in a shared responsibility…not just for growing the company financially, but for radiating our core values throughout the industries and communities we serve.

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