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What is the IgniteX Program?

IgniteX is a DOE EPIC Prize-recognized 12-week primarily virtual program designed to empower start-ups offering scalable solutions for critical human infrastructure. Program participants partner with Black & Veatch experts to co-develop, pilot, and market their new technology. Participants receive mentorship, access to our vast industry network, product testing opportunities, pitch development coaching, investor introductions, and potential funding up to $50,000.

Congratulations to our 2023 Cohort

Black & Veatch received 118 applicants for our 2023 IgniteX Climate Tech Accelerator program, a 38% increase from last year! Our team spent weeks evaluating, interviewing, and selecting the best startup companies to participate. These seven innovative companies have collaborated with Black & Veatch experts for the duration of the 12-week program to co-develop, pilot, and market their critical human infrastructure solutions. Learn more about this year’s selected participants below:

  • EarthEn enables grid resiliency with flexible renewable energy storage solutions and AI. Their novel thermo-mechanical solutions use CO2 in a closed loop to store energy in a cost-effective and highly scalable manner.

  • CarbonQuest is elevating standard carbon capture and sequestration solutions for commercial and residential buildings. Through their cost-effective modular technology, they deliver a widely accessible emission reduction solution.

  • Mars Materials aims to reverse humanity’s industrial waste carbon footprint. They replace petroleum as a feedstock through their process to sequester CO2 into everyday products such as carbon fiber and wastewater treatment chemicals.

  • Strive is a sustainable nutrition company making things simpler, healthier, and better for the planet. Using precision fermentation, they create protein-enriched, animal-free milk and other beverages that are better-tasting and more nutritious.

  • Spira uses algae to replace harmful petrochemicals and reinvent the basic materials we use every day. They create carbon negative materials from genetically engineered algae to produce ingredients for food, cosmetic and textile companies.

  • Looq AI automates the creation of digital twins by capturing the complex physical world in detailed and intelligent 3D models. Their proprietary AI technology optimizes survey and inspection workflows to build and operate our society’s critical infrastructure.

  • Simerse enhances GIS, asset inventory, and condition monitoring through visual data AI for utilities, telecommunications, and cities. They collect visual data from mobile phones, drones and utility vehicles and send key information back to your GIS platform.

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