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Data Centers

Backed by 100 years of critical infrastructure experience, Black & Veatch provides specialized data center and mission critical facility solutions to deliver resilient, sustainable solutions to house, maintain and protect your data and critical assets.


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Data Centers


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We know the Data Ecosystem

Data is most valuable when it’s immediately accessible. It gets its power from an ecosystem of high-powered data centers and networks, and needs a strong, reliable foundation to work at its maximum potential. As we become increasingly reliant on fast, accessible data to communicate, govern and do business across the globe, the more critical continuous uptime becomes. To ensure the ecosystem remains operational and data is accessible 24/7, Black & Veatch helps you balance reliability, efficiency and cost with your long-term sustainability goals through smart, responsible design-build solutions.

Our design and build solutions cover the entire life-cycle of a data center deployment from program management, planning, site selection and due diligence, architecture and engineering through construction. With this end-to-end solution combined with our expertise in energy, water and telecommunications, Black & Veatch can serve as your single point of contact and partner to help you grow, innovate and lead your industry.

We’re more than a contractor, we are solution providers.

Black & Veatch manages many complex components associated with data center and mission critical infrastructure. Aided by multiple disciplines, including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and environmental, we deliver engineering and construction solutions for optimal performance, efficient power and water use and access to high-speed fiber networks.

Realize the power of data. As a leader in digital infrastructure, we help ensure companies have high-speed access to reliable and secure data with our enterprise data center services.  We work with all types of industries ensuring their data center infrastructure works for them. Whether you’re looking to remediate, consolidate, build new facilities or migrate to a third-party cloud or colocation solution, Black & Veatch is a trusted partner to help you select the best path for your investment.  Some of the industries we work with include:

  • Hyperscale data centers
  • Colocation data centers
  • Banking & Finance
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities

Planning + Collaboration

Program Management
Site Assessment & Due Diligence
Methods of Procedures

Design + Innovation

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Civil & Structural Engineering
Security Evaluation & Design

Construction + Accountability

Project Management
General Contracting
Construction Management
Safety Program Development
Quality Assurance

Lead in Performance and Sustainability.

We are global. We can help you grow across the world thanks to our network of more than 100 locations with local, hands-on engineering and construction resources and proven partnerships.  As you look to expand, Black & Veatch is well-positioned to make sure a potential location will enhance your long-term goals. We’ll rely on our power, water, telecom, and environmental professionals and consultants to conduct a thorough site due diligence.  We can then stay on to help design and build your data center or critical facility.

In addition, our consistent ranking as a top engineer and construction partner for power, telecommunications and water infrastructure means our expertise lies at the heart of optimum data center performance and new, sustainable solutions. We can help you realize your vision for green data centers, reducing your carbon footprint and keeping your facility cool with sustainable solutions, all while your data keeps flowing.

Avoid Risk-4 Ways to Prepare Data Centers for Rising Rack Density image

Avoid Risk: 4 Ways to Prepare Data Centers for Rising Rack Density

Today’s digital world and its promises of on-demand access and information in real-time are revolutionizing how companies conduct business and serve their customers. It’s what’s driving organizations to pack in more computing power into their data centers to deliver the expected customer experience and evolve with real time data analytics and automation.

As rack density and heat output climb, so can utility costs and the labor required to maintain multiple cooling systems associated with higher-density systems. However, there are corrective actions companies can take to offset additional costs and maintenance before adding more cooling equipment.


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