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Data Centers

Data Center Design

Keep pace with big data and ahead of your competition by designing high quality, fast-to-market, on-budget data center design delivered by a strategic global service provider.

Design the data center of the future

Sustainable, Scalable, Agile, Reliable, Secure, Efficient… the list is long and varied, and well-designed data centers balance it all.  At Black & Veatch, we strive to integrate all these expectations and project parameters into a quality design that exceeds in project delivery and operational excellence.

Central to our founding, engineering and design are core strengths.  We offer leading and dependable service across a wide range of disciplines, including architectural, civil, electrical, mechanical/HVAC/plumbing, fire protection, structural, telecommunication and security. Whether for a new facility build or upgrade to an existing structure, Black & Veatch provides resources at every stage of a project. You’ll have a trusted advisor, ready to respond and adapt to any need.

A full portfolio of design services:

Our industry-accredited engineers and designers apply proven processes to properly design and build data centers on-time and on-budget.  Planning conceptualizing, and designing according to your quality parameters for redundancy, capacity, density, sustainability, efficiency and budget.

Optimization is key to extending the life of your assets and protecting your investments. Everyone is in a constant state of digital transformation, so we work with you to ensure scalability, modularity and flexibility while maintaining resiliency, safety and concurrent maintainability of your operations.

Like cities, data centers have complex infrastructure ecosystems. Our integrated perspective across essential power, water and communications infrastructure keeps these new data cities operating in harmony. We design site infrastructure such as power substations, water systems and fiber networks.

We offer specialized expertise to plan, engineer and deploy the supporting data center infrastructure for sustainable, continuous and efficient operation, including back up power, battery energy storage systems, hydrogen solutions and water treatment.

Count on our expert professional engineers to guide you through the design process while taking on the responsibility of the design and quality assurance of your projects.  We offer a comprehensive set of consultative, architectural, engineering and design services.

Proven processes and tools to increase collaboration and quality

Our team executes all aspects of project execution including permitting, design, preconstruction, construction, and commissioning.  With an eye on construction and a trusted pre-construction staff, Black & Veatch seamlessly links design and construction processes for efficiency and high-quality work. To facilitate collaboration across the team, Black & Veatch uses proven proprietary and off-the-shelf project management software, like Building Information Modeling (BIM).  This offers our clients visibility into the entire project lifecycle. Tools, like BIM, enable collaboration by offering a single interface to share information and coordinate design and construction resulting in improved quality, reduced risk and a cohesive implementation.

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