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Data Centers

Data Center Infrastructure

Data Center Infrastructure when designed and maintained for optimal performance, can give you an edge.

We Know data center infrastructure

Black & Veatch reached across the company, pulling the best in infrastructure solutions and engineering and construction disciplines to offer specialized data center infrastructure solutions. We help our clients address these key questions and produce reliable, efficient, secure and sustainable facilities that last well into the future. 

The combination of Black & Veatch’s global resources and extensive expertise across all things critical infrastructure,- including market leading expertise in power, water and telecommunications,- makes us an ideal partner for hyperscalers, colocation providers and developers to realize and meet their customers’ demand for always-on solutions.  Our collaborative approach creates custom solutions that are delivered with speed, precision, and greater cost and performance certainty. Regardless of global location, we’ve helped leaders in the data center space navigate local regulations and construction challenges. And, as an innovator in sustainable infrastructure, we are ideally positioned to help anticipate and address increasing environmental demands from stakeholders.

We offer expertise in all aspects of data center infrastructure throughout its lifecycle:

The dynamic nature of a hyperscale data center means you must be prepared for anything 24/7.  We’re ready to support your team with a comprehensive set of engineering disciplines and resources across the globe, adding flexibility and scalability to your operation. 

  • Design Peer Review
  • Energy Audits/Models
  • Reliability/Redundancy Audits
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling
  • Short Circuit, Coordination and Arc Flash Studies
  • As-Build Documentation and Modeling
  • MOP Development and/or Review
  • Site Assessments

As hyperscalers venture across the globe, Black & Veatch ensures access to critical site infrastructure, such as power and water, even in areas of scarce resources.  We can help you assess future sites, and plan for necessary site infrastructure and future growth. From planning, we continue to support engineering and design and construction for a smooth and efficient execution.

As a fully integrated design-builder, we use LEAN principles and procedures to engage and empower all professionals to eliminate waste and ensure safety. We focus on maximizing communication in the field between the superintendent and trades, driving a safe environment, operational improvements and intelligent decision-making.  

Data Centers continue to advance and aging equipment can lead to expensive maintenance or worse, a costly outage. Rising data demand is driving increased IT capacity, more stringent energy codes and additional levels of resiliency and security. Such updates carry risk to live operations where mistakes are not an option. Our experience working in live environments helps assure safe delivery without disruption. 

By starting all projects with thorough planning and due diligence, we build a strong foundation. We conduct facility needs assessments, stakeholder interviews and site assessments - to deliver a customized solution. Equipped with a strong pre-construction team, we deliver a seamless execution from planning through construction.

Plan the work, work the plan. Words we live by at Black & Veatch, for every project is approached with thoughtful planning and executed accordingly.  We’ve carried this practice into helping our clients plan and assess their infrastructure for future expansions and growth.

Hyperscalers are continuously striving towards innovation.  Whether this effective modular concepts or sustainable power and water use, Black & Veatch has your solution.  We conduct master planning and preliminary engineering such as, site and environmental assessments, infrastructure evaluations and capacity planning with the eye towards the future.

Power solutions are core to Black & Veatch’s business with expertise across the energy spectrum including generation, transmission, distribution and battery storage, giving our clients direct access to credible experts experienced in the entire power lifecycle. Our solutions include: 

  • Substation design and construction 
  • Co-& tri-generation 
  • Renewable energy design and construction 
  • Energy storage / generation (iron flow or fuel cell batteries) 
  • UPS / power distribution systems 
  • Power purchase agreement negotiation 
  • Utility grid interconnect agreements 

We’re on the fast track to a Digital World.  5G, augmented and virtual reality, AI and IoT are becoming a reality with hyperscale data centers at the hub connected by fiber optic networks to quickly process, analyze and store critical information.  

Topping the list of cable engineers and ranked among the best in telecommunications overall, Black & Veatch ensures all data centers we design have reliable access to essential high-speed, high-capacity network infrastructure. We plan, design, build and connect communication networks for data centers and mission critical facilities. 

As a pioneer and leader in water supply and reclamation, we offer water solutions on the forefront of conservation and innovation. We guide our clients through the complexities of managing water use and cooling including: 

  • Water Resources Planning 
  • Water Treatment and Wastewater Reuse 
  • Desalination & ultrafiltration systems 
  • Economizer systems 
  • Evaporative or in-row/perimeter cooling 
  • Chilled water / water cooled systems 
  • Geothermal cooling systems 
  • Cooling towers 
  • Water balance studies 
  • Zero liquid discharge / discharge compliance 

We also update water-cooled data centers or explore free cooling options through customize water treatment systems to meet client’s specific needs, including on-site water reuse facilities that can preserve fresh water sources. 

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