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Data Center Modernization

Leveraging critical infrastructure expertise to aide your transition to the next generation data center.

We know modernization

Digital modernization has led to an explosion in data generation, usage and curation. Realizing our clients’ success is evermore dependent upon creating resilient, agile data center infrastructure, Black & Veatch is leaning on a century-worth of critical infrastructure expertise to modernize legacy data centers and transform them into resilient, robust facilities that are prepared for future data demand and growth.

Data Centers with dated technology approaching end-of-life or obsolescence are at a crossroads. Taking no action likely means inefficient performance, high operational costs or equipment failure and load loss, but taking action will require careful planning, proper due diligence, risk assessment and financial investment.

Black & Veatch’s Data Center Modernization services covers all the elements to make sure you make the right decision and achieve a strong return on your investment. Our analysis will address critical challenges, such as designed capabilities vs. current day work load, aging infrastructure, inefficient power and cooling equipment and the operational challenges that come with an aging Data Center. We understand how to properly assess the current state of the Data Center and how to plan a phased upgrade of infrastructure to meet the planned IT deployments of the future.

We will work with your Data Center management team to understand the current and planned IT environment. With close collaboration between IT and infrastructure, we will have a complete understanding of their mission. Black & Veatch can execute the entire process in house with a single source of responsibility to the Data Center owner operator. We are a global engineering and construction company that specializes in Data Center critical infrastructure.

Infrastructure Lifecycle Approach

Working with you from concept to completion, you get a partner dedicated to a seamless integration from beginning to end for better collaboration and solution synergy.

Sustainable Modernization

With Black & Veatch you can modernize, and modernize sustainably.  Our 100-year career working across the energy and water lifecycles gives you the insight to deploy the best solutions for power and water efficiency.

Live Data Center Construction

Specializing in live data center construction, we’ve refined our processes and procedures to minimize distruption, so you can keep functioning with no downtime.

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data center modernization

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Are you questioning where to start? Check out our step-by-step process for modernization. You’ll see how we work alongside you through assessment to planning to execution – helping you create a custom solution that is right for your business and achieves optimal returns. 


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