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Data Centers

Data Center Modernization

Leverage critical infrastructure and data center design expertise to aide your transition to the next generation data center.

We know data center modernization

While digital modernization has led to an explosion of data and its analysis, we realize our clients’ success is ever more dependent upon creating resilient, agile data center infrastructure. In response, we’re leveraging a century-worth of critical infrastructure expertise to modernize legacy data centers and transform them into resilient, robust facilities that are prepared for future data demand and growth.

Data Centers with dated technology approaching end-of-life or obsolescence are at a crossroads. Taking no action likely means inefficient performance, high operational costs or equipment failure and load loss, but taking action will require careful planning risk assessment and financial investment.

Black & Veatch’s Data Center Modernization services covers all the elements to make sure you make the right decision and achieve a strong return on your investments. Our solutions address critical challenges, such as designed capabilities vs. current day workload, aging infrastructure, inefficient power and cooling equipment and the operational challenges that come with an aging data center. We understand how to properly assess the current state of the Data Center and how to plan, design and implement a phased infrastructure upgrade to meet future IT deployments.

We work with Data Center management teams to understand the current and planned IT environment. Black & Veatch can execute the entire process in house with a single source of responsibility to the Data Center owner operator.

First step in your Data Center evolution is understanding goals and objectives and the current state of your Data Centers and its infrastructure. Black & Veatch assesses space, power and cooling systems, capability and capacity, optimization and ability to support future needs.  

We have extensive experience conducting audits covering technology components, security and access control and energy efficiency and design audits to benchmark performance.  All this due diligence is designed to aide your decision and migration planning, whether this is building new facilities, consolidation, upgrading existing infrastructure  or moving to the cloud.

As you modernize your data centers, properly aligning IT loads to your power and cooling systems is key to optimizing energy efficiency and cooling. Our industry-accredited mechanical and electrical engineers begin with a review of the electrical topology to understand  if it will support the required flexibility, resiliency and growth required for the future.  

We will review the mechanical systems, and along with CFD modeling, will be able to advise you on the IT density and where it can be deployed on the white space. These are critical steps in extending the life and capabilities of an existing Data Center. Black & Veatch specializes in replacing or upgrading infrastructure in the live environment without risk of load loss.

Finding the right balance between physical space, infrastructure and virtual capacity is a continuous challenge.  Black & Veatch makes sure your space, mechanical and electrical systems are right-sized to your capacity requirements.  As your turnkey, EPC partner, we have the resources and expertise to design and build solutions, whether it’s new construction, a modification or expansion, or a modular design. 

With modular systems, space, power and cooling is maximized. Additional container units can quickly be added or subtracted on-site to support IT needs as they change.  Both government and commercial clients have benefited from our comprehensive approach that emphasizes the pre-engineering and standardization for deployment in any location and quick speed-to-market.

After your solution is deployed, it’s important to continue monitoring your operation and measuring key performance metrics.  Black & Veatch can continue to help you establish standard operating procedures and methods of operations, and we have a series of services and audits to continue tracking and managing your assets.

Our vast resources and global capability enables us to do this for your entire data center inventory.  Uniquely, Black & Veatch’s background working across the power and water lifecyles puts us in a strategic position to help you monitor usage and improve efficiency with leading edge, sustainable solutions.

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Assessment & Advisory

Empowering information to make informed decisions on your data centers' future.

Solutions & Planning

Insightful expertise to guide you through the budgeting and design of a custom solution.

Solution Execution

Design-build execution for a seamless, single source solution from planning through deployment. 

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