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Edge Data Centers

Access our unique leadership in distributed infrastructure delivery and data center expertise to plan and build bespoke or modular facilities faster and across multiple sites.

We know the Edge

What’s known as the “Edge” will enable the instant, anywhere access we all expect from our on-demand devices.  It means cloud computing happens at the edge of the network, closer to the source of origin, such as a mobile phone, an automated vehicle or a wearable medical device where faster processing will open a new world of digital experiences. When data has less distance to travel for immediate analysis and processing, latency is minimized, reliability is increased, more devices can be connected and IoT ensues.

Companies who can guarantee this anywhere, anytime experience will forge ahead and lead their industries. 

The demand for faster computing at the edge is driving a transition from centralized data centers to a distributed landscape of smaller, scalable networks of data centers. Edge data centers are strategically closer to major hubs of end users often in urban environments that present new environmental and resource challenges for developers.  Black & Veatch’s experience and expertise designing and deploying distributed infrastructure, such as wireless sites and electric vehicle charging stations, makes us uniquely qualified to help companies deploy multiple edge data centers quickly and efficiently across their service territories.  This, along with our added experience in power, water and telecommunications, Black & Veatch provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for the edge.

Distributed Infrastructure Experience


Through our Data Center, 5G, EV charging and Smart Grid experience, Black & Veatch is a leader in the rapid deployment of connected infrastructure to advance the digital world.

Holistic Perspective

Your single point of contact for turnkey delivery of edge data centers. We know how to plan, manage, scale and deploy multi-site infrastructure programs, helping prepare your operations and infrastructure for the demands of a digital world. 


With local expertise throughout the country and industry-accredited teams trained in proven standards, processes and tools, you’ll receive the quick response, efficient delivery and high-quality work expected.

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Build at speed and scale

Deploying multiple edge data centers across a service territory takes skillful coordination and management, doing this simulataneously and at the speed the market demands takes specialized expertise. Black & Veatch’s success is based on our progam management tools and automated processes specifically designed to efficiently manage logistics and our workforces in the field, so we can mobilize quickly at the speed and scale needed to establish your market presence.

We also design and deploy uniform, scalable and repeatable modular solutions. Modular or prefabricated systems can offer inherent advantages over traditional construction and we work with you to determine use cases and applicability to your needs. Modular units can also allow for right-sized, just-in-time scalability to support needs as they change. Whether the need is 5 megawatts (MW) or 50 MW, modular systems can also bring owners and operators to the market’s edge.

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