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Site Due Diligence

Strategic, upfront investigation and planning that yield big returns in minimizing project risk.

Site Due Diligence X

Black & Veatch provides integrated due diligence, conceptual master planning, design and construction support for data centers and mission-critical facilities worldwide.

For decades, clients intending to develop greenfield facilities have partnered with us due to our indisputable expertise in the power, water, telecom / fiber and data center industries. We have the capabili­ty, scalability and resources to help clients select sites that will meet future capacity requirements. Black & Veatch executes concurrent task orders in multiple coun­tries using our vast global resource pool and preferred subconsultants.

We have long-term relationships and experience with utility providers in almost all major markets worldwide. We’ve performed a variety of site due diligence services across the world including sites in the United States, Australia, India and South America.

  • Phase I Environmental Assessment
  • Onsite Assessment of Existing Conditions / Structures
  • Site Suitability Analysis
  • Land Surveys and Title Review
  • Topographic and Boundary Survey
  • Geotechnical Review
  • Water Infrastructure Assessment
  • Site Grading / Drainage / Flood Risk Review
  • Risk Evaluation of Adjacent Properties
  • Noise & Vibration Assessment
  • Site Access
  • Geotechnical Investigation / Subsurface Soil Borings
  • Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation, Sampling, and Analysis
  • Wetland and Regulated Water Impacts / Mitigations
  • Natural Resources Investigation
  • Impacts to Threatened or Endangered Species
  • Archaeological/Cultural Site Evaluation
  • Development of Environmental Impact Statement
  • Review of Available Fiber Lines – Including Planned Projects – within Defined Area
  • Assessment of Additional Right-of-Way Paths
  • Approvals, Permits, and Agreements Required for Fiber to Site
  • Development of Base Telecommunications Maps
  • Geospatial Network Profile Map that Includes Fiber path maps (metro & long-haul), Internet Exchange Points (Peering), Data Centers and Carrier Hotels, etc.
  • Potential Ingress/Egress Design to Site
  • Latency Characteristics Profile
  • Existing Utility Capacity Assessment & Master Planning, Including Spare Capacity Availability
  • Grid Connection Options and Analysis for Intended Design
  • Time Frame for Utility Delivery by Multiple Sources
  • Transmission System Capacities, Redundancy, Voltage, Frequency, and Reliability
  • Electromagnetic Field Studies
  • EMP Hardening
  • Utility connection negotiation
  • Renewable energy feasibility studies
  • Solar and wind yield analysis
  • Energy storage feasibility
  • Business Case Development
  • Evaluation of Average and Peak Water Use and Estimated Discharge for Day One and Full Build
  • Identification of Multiple Water Sources for Water Service to the Site
  • Water Supply / Capacity Assessment
  • Firewater Flow Review
  • Water Quality Data Review
  • Alternative Water Sources to Meet Required Demands, Including Recycling (Onsite or Offsite), Groundwater, Brackish, Rainwater, etc.
  • Approvals, Permits, and Agreements Required for Water Service
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Black & Veatch’s expertise and reach extends across the world, so we have the local market knowledge to guide you throughout the development process.

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Developing a new site takes a wide and deep understanding of a variety of infrastructure due diligence elements.  Black & Veatch has this expertise in-house for an efficient and seamless process.

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