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Cradle to grave architecture and engineering services integrated with design-build contractor teams to deliver efficient, reliable, and high quality mission critical facilities

We know mission-critical design-build

Black & Veatch offers our clients the resources of a global organization combined with the responsiveness of a local partner. Our integrated team is structured to maximize input from the client to develop then implement intelligent design-build solutions. Our flexible structure and broad expertise encourage full collaboration, allowing clients to realize their project goals and achieve the maximum return on their investment. Our in-house experts will manage all of your site development needs, from site selection to engineering design, regulatory approvals and procurement through project and construction management.

Integrated Solutions

A proven trusted partner with an integrated team providing innovative design solutions for any design-build project.


With the end in mind our flexible structure and broad expertise provides our client’s the cost and schedule certainty they deserve.


We collaborate with stakeholders to implement tailored, mutually beneficial complex mission-critical projects.

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Black & Veatch provides our clients the resources of a global organization combined with the responsiveness from a highly skilled, multiple-disciplined partner. Our integrated team collaborates with clients to develop and implement sustainable design-build solutions. We solve challenges with design-build services tailored to the needs of our construction partners and the federal government. As a designer of record, we provide fast-track performance and a tenacious focus on cost certainty. Our extensive knowledge and experience with various forms of contracting and delivery methods includes traditional design-build and construction management-at-risk.

Black & Veatch provides multi-disciplinary design-build services to both public and private sector clients. Prominent areas of past design-build project experience include the following:

Military and Federal Facilities

  • Headquarters/SCIFs                                                                 
  • Weapons and training facilities                                           
  • TEMFs and COFs                                                                         
  • Laboratories and data centers                                             
  • Aircraft hangars                                                                     

Civil Works

  • Flood gates
  • Pump stations
  • Levee rehabilitation
  • Jetties/breakwaters


  • Groundwater treatment plants
  • Soil vapor extraction systems
  • Process treatment plants
  • Environmental remediation

Critical Infrastructure

  • Transportation pavements planning & design
  • Power generation & transmission
  • Water & wastewater treatment
  • Telecommunications


Black & Veatch understands the unique requirements of Federal agency clients such as the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Air Force, Air Force Materiel Command, General Services Administration, the Intelligence Community, as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers and clients with limited execution staff seeking turn-key solutions. We step in and provide support when some projects require a faster schedule than a design-bid-build process will allow. We know the importance of developing strategic partnerships with trusted designers and creating value-oriented design. We understand funding constraints and work in consultation with the Military to develop solutions that achieve mission objectives and comply with funding mandates. Our design-build solutions also support projects that utilize proven technology and construction approaches. Black & Veatch’s design-build team has broad experience providing services to private industry partners in the Energy and Commercial & Industrial Construction sectors.


Improving Design-Build Across Our History

Black & Veatch’s design-build team provide clients continuous quality, efficiency and collaboration. We deliver over $1 Billion in design-build construction each year with an exceptional safety record. We serve our federal clients regularly in many other roles including program manager, planner, designer, owner’s engineer, and construction manager. This continuous “cradle-to-grave” engagement in design build projects worldwide means one thing - we bring an unusually broad understanding of how to achieve and sustain project success at every stage. Since we have our own full design, procurement and construction capabilities in-house, we know how to balance and control every element of project scope, quality, cost, risk and schedule, while engaging construction contractor partners.

For more than 100 years, Black & Veatch has provided project management solutions focused on exceeding our clients’ needs. Project management is the driving force behind the successful completion of our projects. We are accustomed to executing projects on a lump-sum, design-build contract basis. Our expanded scope projects use a wide variety of commercial formats tailored to our clients’ needs. Black & Veatch’s design build solutions allows end-users and customers to receive expedited and coordinated products, a single point of responsibility for the client with contractor, project staffing demands that can be shifted to the contractor, and a faster schedule that is beneficial to the entire operation.

We deliver

  • Innovative and Emerging Technology                                     
  • World-Class Project Management Skills
  • Integrated Project Delivery
  • On-site Construction Services
  • Proven Project Performance

You receive

  • Holistic Integrated Design
  • Schedule Certainty
  • Long-Term Value
  • Target Value Design
  • Pull Planning
  • Fast-Track Design Packages


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