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Industrial & Manufacturing

To many outside observers, industrial manufacturing and renewable energy are mutually exclusive. But this perception is evolving quickly.

For industrial manufacturing facilities, sustainability is not just about reducing carbon footprints. For many in the space, renewables offer more diverse and affordable ways to satisfy ever-increasing power demands, while also accomplishing sustainability goals. For these companies, renewable energy is an upgrade from connecting to local power utilities in terms of economics, quality of power and reliability.

In addition to power, water usage in manufacturing facilities is becoming more focused on reuse. Not all cooling water, for example, needs to potable. Plus, the greater control and agility of Industry 4.0 technologies like data analytics, IoT sensing, and AI machine learning are causing a seismic shift in supply chain management. 

Whether it's shifting to solar or piping in recycled water, Black & Veatch simplifies complex decision making, implementing solutions that result in more efficient and sustainable manufacturing facilities. 

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