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Beyond the large, baseload LNG export facilities, LNG is now being used extensively to provide clean fuel directly to homes, industry and vehicles in many countries.

An industry pioneer, Black & Veatch was involved in many of the world’s first LNG facilities in Algeria and in the United States in the early 1960s. In the early 1970s, Black & Veatch developed the PRICO® single-mixed refrigerant process for LNG using a cost-effective design that covers a broad range of LNG plant capacities.

In addition to baseload LNG supply units, our PRICO LNG process technology is ideal for producing LNG for peak shaving, vehicle fuel supply and gas distribution systems. PRICO offers the lowest capital cost of all competing technologies and a simplified control system. Our patented process allows for rapid startup and shutdown and is proven in reliable operations, with reduced personnel requirements.

Operating Plants

Black & Veatch has developed more than 30 operating LNG production facilities globally. Most facilities have used our PRICO process. In addition, many projects are now under development, including onshore and offshore/floating installations.

Our operating plants are making a significant impact globally. The facilities handle a broad range of gas streams from pipelines, produced gas, coal gasification, coal seam production and coke oven gas. The flexibility and reliability of the PRICO process has been proven through this broad range of applications.

In addition to liquefaction plants, Black & Veatch has strong LNG import terminal capabilities. We demonstrated that capability as the consortium lead on the Costa Azul LNG terminal in Mexico; and as consortium lead for a five million tonnes send-out capacity LNG regasification terminal at Ennore, Tamil Nadu, India. Also, Black & Veatch has performed numerous front-end engineering and design (FEED), pre-FEED and permitting projects for our LNG terminal clients.

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