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Regulatory Strategies to Address Complex Global Client Needs

Regulated utilities continue to be a dynamic market with ongoing and emerging needs for services. Aging infrastructure, evolving regulatory landscape, increasing costs and funding adequacy are key drivers. Utilities continue to face many critical needs including effective asset management, financial resilience and rate stability, customer affordability and customer demands for enhanced service levels and access.

Our goal is to help utilities manage competing and dynamic needs. We can define adaptive strategic pathways, enable performance drivers and support long-term financial viability. Integrated solutions help clients address capital program funding and resource management, program optimization, financial capacity and stakeholder engagement.

Managing, advising on regulatory policy, rate cases

Funding program design, analysis, planning and testimony.

  • Our 2021 50 Largest Cities Water and Wastewater Report provide critical benchmark data and takes a deeper look at the affordability issues the water industry is facing while at the same time struggling to maintain levels of service and build financial resiliency in the face of growing infrastructure demands, regulatory requirements and climate change. Download the report here.
  • The 2021 Stormwater Survey Report presents our analysis of information gathered from utility leaders on stormwater management priorities, rate structure, billing, credit program practices and average monthly residential stormwater charges. Download the report here.

Strategy, process management, financial and document management

Expanded strategies for pricing methods, new products, services

Program prioritization, capital, operations planning, stakeholder engagement

Legal support for jurisdiction testimony

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Strategic Advisory: Financial Resilience and Business Transformation Services

At Black & Veatch Management Consulting we define adaptive strategic pathways, enable performance-driven management and support long-term financial viability. Our experience allows us to offer integrated solutions that address capital program funding and resource management, program optimization, financial capacity and stakeholder engagement. A holistic framework integrates a utility’s program needs with actionable financial, regulatory, customer and management approaches and balance our client’s mission-critical services to their customers.


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