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We know sustainable mining

The mining industry is transforming, embracing sustainability (or ESG*) commitments and playing a critical role in the world's shift to a decarbonized and sustainable future. Expectations for responsible mining must meet and go beyond safe operations and containing costs. Greater urgency is placed on innovation throughout the mine lifecycle that reduces environment, lowers carbon footprint and improves sustainable water use.

Good news: increasingly affordable and resilient mining solutions are at hand across power, water and many other critical technologies. Addressing sustainability challenges strategically at every stage of the mining process offers the opportunity to improve efficiencies and reduce cost of production. Such improvements are critical as mining companies continue to battle economic uncertainty and cyclical commodity price challenges while maintaining their license to operate.

We meet you where you are and convert your sustainability goals into real solutions from project inception to mine site closures. Find out how we can become your partner in sustainable mining.

*Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Mine decarbonization and adapting to climate risks

Positioning for a low-carbon economy, adapting to climate change and mitigating impacts on community water resources are essential to reduce risk and maintain a license to operate. The mining industry is producing the metals and minerals behind many of the technologies and infrastructure that are enabling our sustainable future – from the copper essential for electric vehicles to the steel for wind turbines.

Miners can evaluate and deploy a variety of low- and zero-carbon energy sources such as renewables – large-scale solar and wind, electric vehicles, low-carbon fuels and hydrogen – paired with associated technologies such as battery storage and fuel cell technology. From there, other emerging technologies come into play such as hydrogen power, direct air capture, electrification and advanced nuclear power. Mining companies must seek to evaluate the trade-offs of these technologies to ensure that a cost-effective, reliable pathway to net zero is achieved. 

Advances in desalination, treatment, recycling and reuse are also strengthening the conversation around sustainable water management. Meanwhile, new advances in digital technologies and cyber security offer promise in safeguarding health and safety, improving productivity and resilience, decreasing operating and maintenance costs, reducing emissions and improving the bottom line.

Mine Lifecycle Solutions

As your partner is sustainable mining, we meet you where you are and deliver all elements of project execution throughout the full mine lifecycle. 

Efficient Delivery

With an informed view of the entire lifecycle and focus on delivering value to you, we integrate the latest innovations and expertise at the right time to improve schedules and lower costs. 


Our expansive view of safety and prevention together with detailed and efficient planning are at the heart of successful projects.

Efficient, resilient and sustainable mining

Our team of mining industry professionals fully understand the unique water, energy and environmental challenges that mining companies face today. These SMEs (subject matter experts) partner with you to deliver on your sustainability commitments from ensuring safe worksites and sourcing from local suppliers to reducing water consumption and lowering carbon emissions. As a global EPC leader, we deliver all elements of project execution across the full mine lifecycle. We bring a superior safety record, proven and efficient standards and processes that result in greater cost and schedule certainty, and a track record of delivering first-of-a-kind and innovative technologies reliably and affordably.

Horses in Chile

Spotlight - Chile

Black & Veatch has been operating from Santiago, Chile since 1993 and has delivered projects across South America for more than 45 years. Our more than 140 professionals support every stage of the project lifecycle, providing a full range of infrastructure solutions, including project management, engineering, construction and start-up services.

Strong, long-lasting relationships have been built with mining clients, helping them meet their sustainability and financial goals while addressing many of today's emerging challenges and opportunities. 


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