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The unique challenges facing the mining industry call for expertise with a full view of opportunities to integrate systems and infrastructure, reduce cost and improve sustainable outcomes across the entire mine lifecycle.

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We know integrated mining infrastructure

The mines of today are not the mines of tomorrow. The industry is rapidly transforming and today's mine sites must integrate innovation that complements or replaces traditional infrastructure, while continuing to meet the bottom line requirements of efficient, reliable and safe mining operations.

From intelligent, digitally connected mines to sustainable water management and net zero carbon emissions, mining companies are embracing innovation. Such investments --at any stage of operations -- are significant. Your capability to achieve productive, resilient and sustainable returns from these investments is enhanced with a full view of the entire mine lifecycle together with a connected and specialized understanding of how power, water, telecommunications and transport work together.

As your partner in sustainable mining, Black & Veatch brings such perspective and expertise to the table. Find out more about how we can integrate your mining  infrastructure and help you accelerate to realizing your mine of tomorrow.

Leaders in Power, Water and Telecom

We wield connectivity like a pen. As market leaders across renewable energy, advanced water solutions like desalination and water recycling, and next generation communications networks and digital infrastructure, our knowledge sits at the nexus of water, power and digital systems. As consultants, engineers and builders, we understand the full project journey from concept through to operations.

As your partner in sustainable mining, we work with you early in the project cycle, guiding you through development and financing options such as off-balance sheet purchasing agreements or serving as your owner's engineer helping you define project scope to providing a full range of project management services throughout. Our capabilities and experience mean we are well positioned to serve as master planners for your decarbonization initiatives, for example, or help you meet new sustainability standards such as ICMM's Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management.

In addition to helping you deploy the most innovative and sustainable power and water solutions, we integrate your entire site with physical connectivity -- such as electric charging infrastructure -- as well as digital connectivity from designing and building remote operations centers to enabling advanced digital asset management systems. We ensure that all infrastructure is measured and connected via a modern telecommunications network that allows for automation, real-time information, remote operations control, monitoring and advanced data analytics. This allows companies to implement machine-to-machine technology, as well as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

For example, the Escondida Water Supply project in Chile is integrating its energy, water and telecommunications infrastructure at the world’s largest copper mine. Black & Veatch is engineering the desalination elements, the marine works, and the pipeline and pump stations with a new private telecommunications network and migrated the control room from the site to Santiago.

One Partner

We guide you through every stage of infrastructure development from master planning to operational analytics, integrating genuine expertise to solve telecommunications, power, water, transport and other operational and investment decision infrastructure challenges. 

Efficient & Resilient

As your partner in sustainable mining, our proven processes and expansive knowledge of planning and delivering critical infrastructure across the mine lifecycle returns more certain, reliable and sustainable outcomes for your operations, investors and local community. 


Our expansive view of safety and prevention together with detailed and efficient planning are at the heart of successful projects.

Integrated, efficient and resilient mining operations

Black & Veatch specializes in integrating the many pieces of infrastructure required for complex mining projects. We have a team of professionals dedicated to the mining industry that can help clients develop value enhancing synergies for projects of any scale; we are engineering and construction professionals, environmental specialists, management consultants, and digital analysts with global insight and industry-leading experience across conventional and renewable energy, water supply and reuse, decarbonization solutions, operational technology and telecommunications systems. 

Our comprehensive solutions to help you integrate critical infrastructure at your mine include:

  • Project and Asset Development 
  • Outsourcing / Finance Solutions
  • Infrastructure Corridors
  • Strategic Planning and Options Analysis
  • Decarbonization Roadmapping
  • Integrated Tailings and Water Solutions
  • Remote Operations Control and Automation
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Monitoring and Data Analytics
  • Cyber Security

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