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Mining Industries

Power Generation & Delivery

Mining Power Generation & Delivery

Mining companies must address energy risks to their businesses, including reliability of supply and potential scarcity. In some developing countries, the problem of load shedding by electrical utilities has a direct impact on production. This can force a mine to look for ways to generate its own power.

Black & Veatch has assembled a team of mining experts who can help ensure that a mine has access to all the power it needs. This team can tap into the global expertise of Black & Veatch’s power generation and power delivery business to bring the best solutions to the mining industry.

Our expertise applies to:

  • Conventional power: Natural gas, coal or alternative fuels.
  • Renewables: Solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal.
  • Transmission: Power delivery lines stretching hundreds of miles.
  • Distributed Generation: Microgrids, energy storage and bioenergy along with grid management tools.

Transmission lines and substations are the vital link that allows for high productivity at mines. We have built transmission lines across some of the world’s toughest terrains. Our teams use innovative approaches to provide planning, routing and construction solutions.

We understand mining. We also understand the unique challenges facing the industry and offer solutions that are resilient, sustainable and efficient.

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