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We deliver sustainable, reliable and integrated power solutions to our customers.


End users of electricity have more options than ever as renewable and distributed energy resources (DER), including microgrids, solar, wind, and battery storage, become more accessible and competitively priced for homeowners and businesses alike. As the power grid and critical infrastructure become ever-more technologically advanced, we’re helping our clients address changing customer demands, comply with regulatory requirements, maximize revenues and establish themselves as preferred energy partners.

To maintain resiliency and security-physical and cyber-clients are challenged with becoming the agile market operators who will balance cost, technology, regulation and sustainability. It’s complicated, but solutions are readily available. Black & Veatch works alongside clients to craft constructive, data-driven strategies for asset management and capital allocation. We’re enabling profitable investments in generation, storage, transmission and distribution of safe, reliable electric power.

We are a global solutions provider with highly skilled professionals who deliver planning, consulting, engineering, construction, program management and combined engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions to meet our clients’ rapidly changing infrastructure needs. Our service offerings include conventional, renewable, and distributed power generation, transmission and distribution, microgrids, and behind-the-meter services.

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