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Energy Storage Solutions

Harnessing Tomorrow’s Energy, Today

Leverage Black & Veatch’s experience across renewables, transmission, distribution, and smart grids to identify, implement, and manage the energy storage solutions of the future.

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Innovating Battery Energy Storage Systems

New sources of energy demand innovative energy storage. To keep pace with today’s trends, utilities need an understanding of evolving battery energy storage systems (BESS) as well as the resources to implement, monitor, and manage them efficiently and safely. In short, the need for energy storage technology is over, and the need for energy storage solutions has just begun.

Black & Veatch combines deep industry knowledge, the latest technologies, comprehensive lifecycle services and an unmatched safety commitment to help you achieve your long-duration and hybrid renewable energy storage goals today and into the future.

Supporting Battery Energy Storage Throughout the Lifecycle


Battery Energy Storage Competencies

Lithium, Iron (Ferrum), and Phosphate (LFP) is the Black & Veatch-preferred method for safety, power, and long life but we also have expertise in Nickel, Manganese and Cobalt (NMC), lead-based and flow batteries, thermal storage, flywheel and liquid air energy storage.

Black & Veatch offers a customizable, turn-key battery solution to satisfy quality, safety and functional requirements. With extensive containerization design experience, established relationships with equipment suppliers and flexible Balance of Plant (BOP) capabilities, our integrated solution provides a simplified approach to your energy storage projects.

Combined solar + storage solutions designed with interspersed DC-coupled batteries among panels help reduce clipped energy loss providing efficiencies and economic benefits. 

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Cell-based batteries have storage duration limits tied to the amount of stored energy behind electrical protection equipment for short-circuits and fault-currents: typically 4 hours, possibly 6 hours. For longer duration storage there are electrochemical batteries where the active materials are fluids and can be stored in tanks yielding 8 to 12 hours of duration depending on tank size. Long duration storage is tied to the increase in renewable generation as the lowest cost form of new generation and as clean sustainable electricity. This increase in variable renewable energy will drive the need for longer duration energy storage to stabilize the grid: from several days to a few weeks of stored electricity.

We work with many of the major utilities in the United States, and know their standards and preferences. This, combined with our experience with overhead and underground lines across all voltages, GIS, HVDC, and our self-perform or subcontract construction solutions, allows us to deliver a seamless renewable integration project. 

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More Than Just a Commitment to Safety

At Black & Veatch, safety is integrated into your energy storage solution from the get-go. Explore the safety elements of your battery storage system from Black & Veatch. Four points of optimal fire protection mean peace of mind for you and safe operation of your BESS solution.

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