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Grid Modernization for Power Utilities

Combine Vision and Pragmatism for Grid Modernization

Unlock the economic and environmental benefits of today’s diverse energy sources with the help of Black & Veatch.


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Planning, Building, and Managing the Modern Grid

The grid of the future has never been closer to reality, but it still needs to be built. Now more than ever, utilities must have the resources and know-how to think both big and small, balancing long-range sustainability plans with hitting near-term business and financial metrics. That’s where decision makers look to Black & Veatch.

Our blend of leadership, vision, and practical experience has made us one of the foremost experts in grid enablement. Trust us as your guide for navigating the industry’s volatile markets, shifting regulations, and proliferation of distributed energy resources (DERs) to maximize the value of today’s next-gen, distributed infrastructure.

A Full Suite of Grid Modernization Services

A modern grid means greater diversity of infrastructure that must be actively managed to realize the goals of improved reliability, resiliency and sustainability. From distributed energy resources to electrification programs, our technical advisory and grid enablement planning services cuts through the noise so our clients can realize the economic and reliability benefits of next-gen, distributed energy infrastructure.

  • Electrification (e.g. EV for fleet)
  • DER Adoption and load forecasting
  • DER locational net benefit analysis
  • Hosting capacity analysis
  • Power quality analysis and modeling
  • Telecommunications network planning, including private wireless networks
  • Integrated grid planning (G/T/D systems)
  • Grid Modernization technology studies and roadmap development
  • Next Generation grid architecture design capabilities
  • Key utility metrics reporting (e.g. SAIDI, SAIFI, CEMI)
  • Technical advisory Services for the convergence of IT/OT:
    • Modeling/telemetry requirements to support visibility of DER impact to the grid
    • Cyber and physical security embedded in all aspects of planning and design

Since 1915, Black & Veatch has been a world-leader in grid modernization engineering and construction services. This tradition continues as the profession of engineering evolves to meet the challenges that come with designing, building, and managing increasingly diverse and distributed energy infrastructure that will be integrated, efficient, and reliable for the next 100 years.

  • DER planning and deployment
  • Distribution automation
  • Solar photovoltaic
  • Energy storage
  • Microgrids>
  • Combined heat & power
  • Private network solutions

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We offer many services in a comprehensive approach to program, construction management and deployment. It’s an approach that includes managing entire systems and can process hundreds or thousands of separate activities with multiple ongoing projects. This adds value at each step of the project delivery:

  • Vendor selection and management
  • Program budget development, forecasting and tracking
  • Equipment and material logistics and tracking
  • Construction management
  • Installation testing and commissioning
  • GIS-based program management software applications

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We are on the forefront of merging data analytics with engineering expertise to deliver timely and actionable insights that realize the full potential of centralized and distributed energy resources.

It begins by using integrated communications and analytics tools, like ASSET360®, that
enable our engineers to monitor and diagnose opportunities for improvement and potential critical system failures. Then, we provide virtual issue notification, blogging and work ticketing for quick O&M response; locally or globally.

It’s this combination of advanced analytics, engineering expertise, and scalable processes that has helped our clients succeed for more than 20 years.

Real-Time Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Power generation
  • Industrial/CHP
  • DERs
  • Asset health and risk analytics
Monitoring & Maintenance for Distributed Infrastructure
  • Solar
  • Battery energy storage
  • Solutions (BESS)
  • Reciprocating engines
  • Microgrid
  • EV charging
  • Data centers
  • Distribution power systems

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