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Power Generation

Power Generation Solutions for a Carbon-free Economy

As sources of power generation evolve, partner with Black & Veatch for reliable baseload and flexible power generation solutions that help you honor your commitment to the communities you serve.

285 GW

of conventional + renewable energy
deployed globally

2,500 MWh

of battery energy storage
project experience, globally


distributed energy

As the business of power generation moves toward a zero-emission future, we are here to provide proven, industry leading guidance on how decarbonization can work for your business and customers. We understand no journey to zero emissions is the same, so we’re ready to meet you where ever you are on yours.

ENR Rankings

ENR Rankings 2020

  • Ranked 9 in Top 100 Design-Build Firms
  • Ranked 11 in Top 500 Design Firms 
  • Ranked 1 in Top 10 Solar Power
  • Ranked 2 in Top 50 Power
  • Ranked 2 in Top 25 Fossil Fuel
  • Ranked 2 in Top 5 Operation and Maintenance
  • Ranked 3 in Top 25 Transmission and Distribution
  • Ranked 4 in Top 10 Hydro Plants
  • Ranked 7 in Top 10 Wind Power
  • Ranked 9 in Top 10 Co-generation

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