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Nuclear Power Solutions

Securing Nuclear Energy's Future

From feasibility to construction, Black & Veatch brings the right resources to ensure safety, manage risk, and create value for your nuclear project and those you serve.

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Nuclear SCADA Command Control

With over 70 years of nuclear expertise and providing full-service nuclear power engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) capabilities and new technology insight, Black & Veatch is prepared to meet the challenges of and ensure nuclear powers’ future.

We apply our experience through an extensive network of international offices and resources, global strategic alliances, and longstanding relationships with funding bodies, trading companies, contractors, developers, and equipment suppliers. This access to resources and personnel around the world means we develop advanced nuclear power plants (ABWR, GenIII and GenIV nuclear reactors), perform modifications at existing nuclear facilities, as well as plan, execute & manage decommissioning projects for our clients, regardless of geographic location.

Regardless of size, every project is important to us. From concept to construction, as Owner’s Engineer or turnkey provider, on all regulatory, security and safety matters, we deliver total solutions. We bring it all together –our tools, technologies and teams– to manage risk, ensure safety and create value for our clients.

Leading by Example in the Nuclear Industry

  • Completion of the final stages of nuclear island design and procurement for a two-unit Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) facility.
  • Design certification for passive safety technologies, the Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR) and the Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor (APWR).
  • New-build and existing facilities, including power uprates for operating units.
  • Owner’s engineer roles for existing and new facilities.
  • Seismic, flood protection and coping analyses.

We promote excellence in plant operation through the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO), Nuclear Electric Institute (NEI) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). In addition, we completed two Combined Operating License Applications (COLAs). We maintain close contact with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to ensure that our clients' facilities comply with requirements.

Clean Ambition: Nuclear Energy and Decarbonization eBook teaser image

Clean Ambition: Nuclear Energy and Decarbonization eBook

While wind, solar and hydropower occupy critical space in our renewable energy portfolio, the limitations of each will likely prevent them — at least in the near term — from playing more than a supporting role in establishing our independence from fossil fuels. To accelerate our arrival at a true net-zero carbon future, we’ll need to rely on the only large-scale, zero emission generation technology currently available: nuclear.

In this first installment of our four-part eBook series, we’ll dive deeper into current renewable generation capacity, energy storage technology, the realities of today’s electricity market and the economics of renewable energy production.

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Supporting You Throughout the Nuclear Infrastructure Lifecycle

Safety Moment to ensure our collective knowledge is shared across our company and with our clients and partners as well. It's this bottom/up approach to safety that has made us a top performer on safety in our industry year after year. This is especially true with our portfolio of nuclear projects. We bring it all together –our tools, technologies and teams– to manage risk, ensure safety and create value for our clients.

Increasingly the concept of safety extends from the physical space to the digital space. That's why our team performs cyber security assessments for our nuclear projects; whether that's in our program or another cyber security program. Additionally, we are able to bring our Management Consulting team in to perform broader, system-wide reviews of cyber security protections/vulnerabilities. The end result is you get a single, comprehensive assessment of your network (software + hardware) that can help organize and prioritize your cyber security needs.

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