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Securing Nuclear Energy's Future

From the initial feasibility to construction, Black & Veatch brings the right resources to ensure safety, manage risk, and create value for your nuclear project and those you serve.


Gen II and III engineering and construction services provider

Technology Leader

Actively working on Gen III+ and Gen IV Advanced Reactors,
including SMRs and Micro-reactors

20+ Years

of global EPC Nuclear Solutions to meet the growing challenges of an expanding nuclear industry

Nuclear SCADA Command Control

With over 50 years of nuclear expertise and full-service nuclear engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) capabilities, Black & Veatch is prepared to solve today’s industry challenges and apply advanced reactor technology in the new energy landscape.

We apply our nuclear experience through an extensive network of domestic and international offices and experienced resources, global strategic alliances, and long-standing relationships with reactor OEM companies, contractors, developers, and equipment suppliers. This access to resources and personnel around the world means we can develop advanced nuclear reactors (Gen III+ and Gen IV), perform modifications at existing nuclear facilities, as well as plan, execute, and manage decommissioning projects for our clients, regardless of geographic location.

Regardless of size, every project is important to us. From concept to construction, as Owner’s Engineer or full EPC turnkey provider, on all regulatory, security and safety matters, we deliver total nuclear solutions. We bring it all together –our tools, technologies and teams– to manage risk, ensure safety and create value for our nuclear clients.

Leading by Example in a Growing Nuclear Industry

Black & Veatch is working with early movers and key industry leaders across the energy landscape to harness the power of nuclear to decarbonize industries and develop clean energy solutions. Our solutions include research and development, licensing, environmental, design engineering, procurement and construction support for small modular reactors (SMRs) and microreactors.

  • Working with electric utilities and global developers to develop SMR solutions as a dispatchable energy source to balance intermittent renewable energy and serving as Owner’s Engineer for technology selection and new plant siting evaluations to ensure technology aligns with utilities’ specifications and requirements.

  • Trusted advisor to leading reactor Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) providing technical evaluations, design engineering, procurement specifications and sourcing planning, and pre-construction planning and cost estimating services.

  • Studying advanced nuclear technologies for commercial and industrial applications such as industrial process heat, district heating, data centers, clean transit hubs and charging infrastructure, food processing and synthetic fuels processing.

  • Supporting Coal-to-Nuclear transition work including assisting Owners with identifying the best priority sites to develop.

  • Design modifications and plant life extension for existing facilities, including extended power uprate support for operating units.

  • Digital designs (3D and 4D) as well as simulations to support construction execution planning, maintenance and operations.

  • Specialty nuclear services as well as in-house subject matter experts in Geotech services, civil/structural analysis, digital I&C design, mechanical systems (ASME Section III and non-ASME), HVAC, piping, seismic and EQ analysis, radiation shielding, flood protection and electrical design and coping analyses.

  • Part 50 and Part 52 licensing experience, including the completion of two Combined Operating License Applications (COLAs).

  • Proven NQA-1 Nuclear Quality Assurance Program and Certified ISO 9001 Program to support both domestic and international nuclear projects.

  • Nuclear construction program, including ASME Section III Manual.

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Clean Ambition: Nuclear Energy and Decarbonization eBook

While wind, solar and hydropower occupy critical space in our renewable energy portfolio, the limitations of each will likely prevent them — at least in the near term — from playing more than a supporting role in establishing our independence from fossil fuels. To accelerate our arrival at a true net-zero carbon future, we’ll need to rely on the only large-scale, zero emission generation technology currently available: nuclear.

In this first installment of our four-part eBook series, we’ll dive deeper into current renewable generation capacity, energy storage technology, the realities of today’s electricity market and the economics of renewable energy production.

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