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Solar Generation Solutions

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Partner with Black & Veatch to leverage solar energy into becoming the reliable, sustainable, and economical power source your communities need.

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Now that solar has been established as a viable power source, the objective becomes making it accessible to communities at a larger scale. For utilities, that means answering questions about solar energy storage, transmission, and what resources are needed to achieve both.

Black & Veatch can support renewable energy generation needs for both customer-sited and utility-owned projects. By partnering with us, you get a full-service approach that unites engineers, consultants, policy experts, construction managers and execution resources to create a tailor-made program to fit your needs.

Supporting Projects Throughout the Infrastructure Lifecycle


Core Competencies

Black & Veatch has a long history with solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, dating back to our first major assignment for NASA in 1973. Our solar expertise spans across ground mount, rooftop and floating implementations, monofacial and bifacial module technologies and fixed-tilt and single axis tracking systems.

With over 10 years of experience working on utility scale energy storage projects we've accumulated expertise in technologies from lithium-ion and flow to long duration, flywheel, ultra-capacitor and thermal technologies. Additionally, we have experience designing both AC and DC-coupled storage solutions in order to improve efficiency and economics.

Solar PV plants are expanding into territory that is a bit more complicated than the wide open, flat, sunny areas such as Central Valley of California. More and more projects cropping up in the Eastern and Southeastern U.S. where varied topography and shading come into play. A flat site is relatively easy to model, but uneven topography can account for as much as a 5-percent swing in annual energy performance. Black & Veatch is experienced in complex modeling including PVsyst assumptions and MET data and shading models.

We work with many of the major utilities in the United States, and know their standards and preferences. This, combined with our experience with overhead and underground lines across all voltages, GIS, HVDC, and our self-perform or subcontract construction solutions, allows us to deliver a seamless renewable integration project. 

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Black & Veatch specialists help developers identify and analyze solar project sites based on environmental, technical and regulatory criteria. Our team evaluates site development conditions and verifies critical permitting paths utilizing GIS data and advanced technology to minimize risks, validate quantity of power production, reduce development costs and streamline project schedules.

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