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Solar Generation Solutions

A Full-Service Partner for Utility Scale Solar

Whether our clients need design or EPC, our road-tested methods help solve their complex solar challenges.

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Utility-Scale Solar is Soaring

The solar industry is booming. It’s the third-largest renewable energy source, employs almost a quarter of a million people, and it’s continuing to grow. There are several market factors driving this growth:

Increased Energy Demand

Electrification and the rise of AI and Data Centers means that there is need for more power from the electric grid than ever before.

Capital Expenditures

Funding programs like the Inflation Reduction Act and other government incentives make solar a wise investment to take advantage of current opportunities.

Closing of Coal Plants

The decommissioning of coal plants created a need to replace that power generation.

Hitting Sustainability Targets

Environmental goals, whether externally or internally mandated, encourage renewable power generation, including solar.

As projects become larger and more complex, Black & Veatch’s solar capabilities help our clients navigate this growing industry.

Why Partner with Black & Veatch for Your Utility-Scale Solar Project?

Black & Veatch has a long history with solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, dating back to our first major assignment for NASA in 1973, and has been involved in utility-scale solar EPC since 2016. Our full lifecycle capabilities, grid and storage capabilities, and exceptional safety record make us an exceptional partner for your utility scale solar needs.

Integrated Utility Scale Solar EPC Capabilities

With decades of experience in energy infrastructure projects, Black & Veatch has a deep understanding of solar technologies, regulatory requirements, and project execution. Our seasoned team of engineers, project managers, and construction professionals ensures reliable, on time project delivery. We have the knowledge and processes to maintain quality and provide complex problem solving for our clients.

Stellar Safety Record

Our safety numbers and practices speak for themselves. With a company culture centered around safety and the processes in place to back it up, we are an industry leader with metrics consistently better than the industry average.

Even when the job gets tough, our teams stay safe. Check out this example where our crews worked 222,000 hours with no recordable incidents on a project with significant environmental challenges.

Flexible Solutions to Fit Your Needs

A deep pool of talent (12,000+ global employees) gives Black & Veatch a comprehensive range of expertise for our solar projects. Whether customer-sited or utility-owned, our team is well-equipped to provide support. By collaborating with us, you gain access to a full-service approach that brings together engineers, consultants, policy experts, construction managers, and execution resources. We tailor our programs to meet your specific needs, and we’re capable of supporting projects at any stage of the project lifecycle, from initial studies through operations and maintenance.


Black & Veatch’s Solar-Plus Offerings

With expertise including battery energy storage (BESS), substations and other grid infrastructure, we can offer a range of combination technology solutions to bring your solar project to the finish line:

With over 10 years of experience working on utility scale energy storage projects we've accumulated expertise in technologies from lithium-ion and flow to long duration, flywheel, ultra-capacitor and thermal technologies. Additionally, we have experience designing both AC and DC-coupled storage solutions in order to improve efficiency and economics.

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Substations play a critical role in connecting solar power to the gird. With 80+ years of substation experience, we can seamlessly integrate these critical components.

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We can help our clients with their full projects – not only the solar generation and battery energy storage, but also the substation and infrastructure that allows it to successfully connect to the grid.

We work with many of the major utilities in the United States, and know their standards and preferences. This, combined with our experience with overhead and underground lines across all voltages, GIS, HVDC, and our self-perform or subcontract construction solutions, allows us to deliver a seamless renewable integration project.

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Developing the Renewables Workforce

Black & Veatch has an established craft apprenticeship program registered with both the Department of Labor and state agencies, with apprentices currently enrolled in 2, 3 or 4 year programs. This training helps not only helps these individuals learn a trade but also creates better end work, with craftsmen trained in safety and quality. You can view our available apprentice positions here.

This on-site labor helps our clients fulfill requirements for tax credits like those found in the IRA, allowing them to take advantage of cost savings.

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