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Optimize Transmission with HVDC and FACTS Solutions

Bringing affordable and sustainable energy choices to consumers relies heavily on a resilient and reliable transmission system.  Both high-voltage direct current (HVDC) and flexible alternating current transmission systems (FACTS) offer utilities and developers ways to optimize transmission performance.  

With greater levels of intermittent, varying and distant renewable generation connecting to the grid, these technologies are essential to maintaining healthy voltage levels and improved power quality across the grid and to reduce system losses. HVDC is especially effective for integrating renewables and interconnecting asynchronous grids by providing efficient means for transferring bulk power over long distances.  A benefit becoming more vital as renewable generation, like offshore wind, become more remote and farther away from load centers.   


HVDC or FACTS, which is right for you?

Black & Veatch applies decades of HVDC and FACTS experience and OEM relationships to help determine which technology solution is right for you and your project’s objectives.  Whether you’re a utility, developer or OEM, we can support a project from start to finish - planning, designing and deploying the technology – including: HVDC terminals (VSC, LCC), Static VAR Compensators, STATCOMS, Synchronous Condensers and Series Capacitors. 

This breadth of technology expertise combined with our proven transmission EPC leadership, including self-performing construction capabilities, can help you meet growing requirements for stability, power quality and reliability with HVDC and FACTS solutions.

  • System Studies
  • System Architecture
  • Technical Specification Development
  • Interconnect Engineering
  • Owner’s Engineer
  • Procurement Support
  • Site Civil, Construction and Testing
  • Overhead, Underground, Submarine
  • Project Delivery Methods include:
    • Engineer and Owner’s Engineer
    • EPC
    • EPCM
NECEC Program

New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) Program

Black & Veatch is providing Program Management Services to Central Maine Power (CMP), who is to develop, construct, own and maintain a 1,200 MW +/- 320 kV high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission to tie into hydro generation from Canada. The project DC T-Line connects from the Canada - U.S. border in Quebec (approximately 150 miles) to a new direct current-to-alternating current converter station in Lewiston, Maine. To interconnect the HVDC line with the bulk power systems in New England, CMP intends to develop 30+ miles of 345 kV AC transmission lines, rebuild a 115 kV AC transmission line and upgrade associated substations.

Black & Veatch Improves Transmission Grid Reliability in Michigan

American Transmission Company (ATC) selected Black & Veatch to provide Owner’s Engineer services for the proposed Mackinac Back-to-Back HVDC Converter Station. ATC’s electrical system in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has become constrained due to heavy power flows through neighboring systems to the south of Lake Michigan in Illinois, Indiana, and the lower peninsula of Michigan. These cause parallel power flows through the UP, overloading the local power system. The result of these loop flows is that the ATC UP system is forced to operate in a split mode for long periods of time, making it extremely difficult – if not impossible – to carry out maintenance and upgrades on system components. This situation will only grow worse as more power generation (i.e., wind generation, etc.) is added in the Midwest and as power flows increase in the region. 

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